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Diablo 4 Season 2: Renown Points Not Carrying Over

In Diablo 4, most of the players are having trouble since their renown is not carrying over in season 2.

Diablo 4 is one of the most beloved action RPG games which has introduced a new season with exciting challenges.

Players can now carry their progression and persistent rewards more effectively in different seasons of Diablo 4.

In Diablo 4 season 2, players carry over renowned rewards such as Paragon Points, skill points, and potion charges. This explains the reason for not carrying over overall renown.

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Diablo 4: Overview of A Renown

Renown is a special feature in the game that allows players to customize their character abilities and unlock special rewards.

Similarly, in Diablo 4, players can achieve the renowned system from specific regions or zones inside the game.

Players have to explore several areas of the game’s map to find out whether there is a renowned system or not.

Moreover, after visiting several regions inside the game, players must complete relevant quests to accumulate renown points.

Besides that, players can accumulate renown points after conquering the strongholds of that specific area.

Several Areas of The Game
Players are about to move to the area to collect renown points.

Collecting renowned points inside the game is crucial for the players as it can be used for several purposes.

Likewise earning multiple renown points aids the player in enhancing their character’s ability and unlocking different rewards.

Similarly, Players can unlock rewards like Paragon Points, Obols, skill points, and potion charges after acquiring renown points.

Furthermore, players should collect the maximum amount of renown points they can collect since it is important for character progression.

How To Collect More Renown Points In Diablo 4 Season 2?

In Diablo 4, only specific areas of the map provide the renowned points and each zone has its own unique Renown System.

So, for players to collect more renown points, they must make their way to the different areas of the map.

Similarly, players can only collect multiple renown points after they enter a specific zone and explore it.

Collecting more of these renowned points can enhance your character and your gaming account as a whole.

Players can acquire skill points, potion charges, and Paragon Points and increase their skill points to the maximum.

diablo 4 season 2 renown not carrying over
Players check their region progress to see the number of total renown earned.

Here are some of the steps to collect more Renown Points in the game.

  1. Players should explore the map and activate the waypoints which will grant them 20 Renown points each.
  2. Similarly, players can conquer the strongholds, granting them 100 Renown points for each.
  3. Likewise, players have to complete the side quest which will grant them 30 Renown points for each
  4. Moreover, players can discover the Altars of Lilith which will grant them 10 Renown points for each.
  5. Furthermore, clearing side dungeons will also grant you 40 Renown points for each location.
  6. Finally, after the complete discovery of the region, players can get 5 Renown points for discovering every seventh region.

Carrying Over Renown Points In Diablo 4  Season 2.

In Diablo 4, players can now carry over the renowned rewards of their characters from season 1 to season 2.

If players max their Renown points for their character in the first season, it is not required to unlock Renown points in season 2. 

Nevertheless, some of the players are facing the issue of their renowned points not carrying over in the new season.

Some players can only retain a portion of their renowned points from season 1 despite their best efforts.

Player inside the map
The player searches for the renowned point inside the map.

However, it is not any kind of bug rather it is a decision taken by the developers.

While players can not transfer their overall renown points, they can keep rewards like Paragon Points, Obols, Skill points, and potion charges.

Therefore, it seems like Renown is only partially transferring however the rewards that matter most are indeed retained.

The Bottom Line 

Diablo 4 brings an exciting change to the Renown system in season 2, as renowned rewards are now account-wide.

Once the player achieves the maximum renown points for any character, all future characters unlock rewards as a privilege.

While the Renown issue confuses players, it’s important to note that all the important rewards remain retained.

Developers took this decision of not carrying forwarding entire renown points, however, the rewards are carrying over.

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