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Pacts Granted In Diablo 4: Equip The Vampiric Powers

Pacts granted in Diablo 4 Season of Blood are a mechanic that allows players to equip vampiric powers.

Furthermore, the new season brings various changes and quality-of-life additions for the players.

Pacts granted are divided into three distinct types. These types hold a certain value, and when the player equips a vampiric power, they must fulfill the requirements to use the pacts granted by various armor pieces.
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What Are Pacts In Diablo 4?

Pacts are a set value that a piece of equipment can have to use the vampiric powers in Diablo 4.

The vampiric powers are a new addition to the Season of Blood Diablo 4.

Vampiric powers are additional skills that work with your normal skills to deal more damage and provide additional effects.

Players can obtain potent blood by defeating various vampiric enemies to unlock and upgrade various Vampiric Powers.

In the case of Pacts, they are certain additions to the armor pieces that players can loot from enemies.

The armor pieces, such as chest, hand, leg and got armor will contain a certain value of Pact for players to equip their vampiric powers into.

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What Are Pacts Granted In Diablo 4?

Pacts granted are basically Pact values that an armor piece can have.

This means that each armor piece comes with a certain pact value that players can leverage to use the vampiric powers.

There are three types of pact granted, they are Ferocity, Divinity and Eternity.

An armor can come with either all of the pacts or some or some of the pacts.

Thus, players must plan their build around the values of the pact in their armor.

Here is a list of all pact values that players can obtain according to their World tier:

  • World Tier 1 and 2: 3 Pacts Maximum per item
  • World Tier 3: 4 Pacts Maximum per item
  • World Tier 4: 5 Pacts Maximum per item

From the above list, maximum pacts increase as you go up the world tiers.

pact types diablo 4
Types of pacts in Diablo 4 season 2.

If you do not have enough pact values to activate certain vampiric powers, the pact values from other armor pieces will make up for it.

However, in certain cases, it is better to hold off on certain vampiric powers until you are able to use them properly.

Benefits Of Pacts Granted In Diablo 4

The major benefit of pacts granted is the ability to equip multiple vampiric powers simultaneously in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, this is an intended mechanic since multiple vampiric powers will affect your skills differently.

Moreover, the mechanics are quite similar to the malignant hearts of Season 1.

While players could benefit from the malignant hearts with vampiric powers, they must plan the powers they equip around their build.

vampiric power interface diablo 4
Vampiric power interface in Diablo 4 Season of Blood.

In the season 1, the mechanics were simply an add-on rather than build-defining. However, in season 2 it is build-focused.

Players can interact with the vampiric powers from the in-game interface for the vampiric powers.

Furthermore, in the interface players can see the total amount of pacts they currently have as well.

Thus, allowing players to manage the vampiric powers according to their requirements properly.

The Bottom Line

In Season 2, Diablo 4 offers a mechanic that is very much similar to the mechanics of Season 1.

Thus, there are no new mechanics that players must dive deep into to understand.

However, the simplicity of the mechanics can also bring players in because certain players prefer simple mechanics over complex ones.

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