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Diablo 4 Battle Of Fear And Faith: Quest Guide

 Battle of Fear and Faith is one of the exciting quests in Diablo 4.

The quest is launched as a part of the second season of the edition.

To finish the Battle of Fear and Faith in Diablo 4, players should complete the Chapter 3 objectives, Approach Erys in the Cathedral of Light, Block the Blood Harvest, and meet Erys.

Continue reading to learn about the Battle of Fear and Faith and the process of completing the mission in Diablo 4.

Battle Of Fear And Faith In Diablo: Overview

Diablo 4 Season 2 offers seasonal world events, new customizable gears, skills, and unique questlines.

Further, the Battle of Fear and Faith is one of the missions of Season of Blood.

Battle of Fear and Faith is among the last missions in the Season of Blood, so players must complete the first few missions to reach there.

diablo 4 Battle of Fear and Faith
Complete previous missions and chapters in the new season.

Only one character is in multiple characters involved in this quest, i.e., Hunter Erys.

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Finishing Battle Of Fear And Faith In Diablo 4

If players are willing to complete the Battle Of Fear And Faith, follow the given procedures;

1. Head To Cathedral Of Light

After getting the Fear and Faith mission, players should head straight to the Cathedral Of Light.

The Cathedral can be accessed only after players reach the World Tier 3 in Diablo 4 season 2.

Further, players can reach the location through the Kyovashad after completing the main story.

The Cathedral of Light can contain several enemies, so players should  be aware of the surroundings

2. Interact With Erys

The next objective in this mission is to find Hunter Erys, who is a vampire companion,

Moreover, Erys is involved throughout many quests in the Season of Blood.

The players should search for the Blood Harvest and stop it to confront Hunter Erys.

Lastly, if Erys is impressed, the players can fight Lord Zir.

3. Complete The Season Objectives

In Diablo 4 season 2, players need to complete small milestones to complete the season objectives to unlock or progress through missions.

If players engage in the mission before the requirement, the quest will not progress.

To unlock the Fear and Faith mission’s further sub-quest, players must complete Chapter 3 in the season objective.

Players can complete challenges, defeat the world bosses, extract legendary items and enhance the World Tier to reach there.

4. Head To Ked Bardu

After completing the chapter, players should head to the Ked Bartu to continue the mission.

In addition, The Ked Bartu is among the central locations of Dry Stepps in the Kotama Grasslands.

In the Ked Bartu, players should approach Erys again to finalize the missions.

The Bottom Line

Battle of Fear and Faith is among the most straightforward missions of season 2, with minimal objectives to complete.

However, to reach the mission, players must complete Chapter Three of the season journey, which can be tricky.

Players can also earn exclusive rewards and unlock multiple quests after completing the quest.

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