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What To Transfer Between Characters In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 will finally allow players to carry over map progress between their created characters in the upcoming Seasons.

However, there is a catch: players must log into every character once Season 1 goes live on July 20 to transfer their map progress.

Players can use the Stash, and Occultist, trade with other players in the game, and transfer things such as gold, obols and red dust. However, there’s no feature to transfer the character from Diablo 4.

Continue reading to discover what you can transfer between characters in Diablo 4.

What Can I Transfer Between Characters In Diablo 4?

There are some things that you can transfer between characters in Diablo 4, such as:

  1. Items that you store in the shared stash tab in your inventory system.
  2. You collect materials, goldobols, and red dust from the game world.
  3. You earn rewards from region progress, such as skill points, health potion capacity, and stash upgrades.
  4. Mountstransmogsoutfit slots, and aspects you unlock from the game.

However, some things that do not transfer between characters are:

  1. Campaign progress and world tiers you must unlock again for each character.
  2. Consumables and equipment that you have to unequip from your old character and place in your storage

How To Transfer Items Between Characters In Diablo 4?

There are a few ways to transfer items between characters in Diablo 4, which are as follows:

1. Use The Stash

Stash is a shared storage space you can access with any of your characters.

To use the Stash to share items between characters, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the character with the item you want to share, and make sure the item is in your inventory.
  2. Then, go to the Stash and open it. You will see a grid of slots where you can place your items.
  3. Further, drag and drop the item from your inventory to an empty slot in the Stash. You can also right-click on the item to move it automatically.
  4. Finally, log out of the character and log in to the other character that you want to give the item. And keep on performing steps 2 and 3.

2. Use The Occultist

One of the Occultist’s services is Aspect Imprinting, which allows you to forge a Legendary affix onto an item for a small fee. 

Occultist is an NPC that can extract powers from legendary items and imbue them into other items. 

This way, you can transfer the legendary powers of your items without losing the stats of your new items.

However, this method only works for rare and legendary items, and they will become bound to your account after the process.

occultist salvaged materials
Use the Occultist to transfer items between the character.

3. Trading With Other Players

To trade with another player, invite them to your party, get close to them, and use the action wheel to select Invite to Trade.

You can trade items of common, magic, or rare quality, as well as gold, gems, and elixirs.

You also cannot trade items you have equipped or items in your Stash. You need to have the items in your inventory to trade them.

You can find other players who want to trade using’s dedicated trading chat channels on

Limitations On Transferring Items In Diablo 4

Generally, you can only transfer items that are in your inventory, not in your Stash or equipped on your character.

However, Transferring items between your characters can be a great way to optimize your builds and share your loot.

Further, there are some rules and restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Some items are account-bound, which means they can only be used by the character that obtained them.

These include:

  1. Legendary and unique items which have potent effects and stats that cannot be traded or extracted.
  2. Enchanted items, which the Occultist has modified to have a legendary aspect or a different affix.
  3. Items imprinted with a legendary aspect turn them into legendary items.

Can I Transfer Diablo IV Character To A Different Diablo IV?

If you are interested in the seasonal content of Diablo IV, you might be glad to know that your seasonal characters will not be deleted at the end of each season. 

Instead, they will be moved to the Eternal realm with all the items you collected, including your seasonal Stash.

However, any season-specific features, like the Malignant hearts, will not be carried over to the Eternal realm and will no longer be accessible.

Contrarily, transferring a Diablo IV character to a different Diablo IV or account is impossible.

diablo 4 transfer between characters
According to Blizzard Forums, one cannot transfer characters.

The Bottom Line

Transferring items between characters in Diablo 4 is a reasonably straightforward process.

However, some limitations exist on what can be transferred between characters in Diablo 4.

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