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Discover The Fastest Ghost In Phasmophobia: The Banshee

In the hit indie horror game Phasmophobia, one ghost stands above the rest regarding speed – the Banshee.

The Banshee is the fastest ghost type, capable of hunting players down in the blink of an eye.

You can escape the fastest ghost in Phasmophobia by getting inside the van during hunts, splitting the team, closing the doors to waste its time opening them and hiding in lockers and showers.

This article will explain everything you need to know about encountering the fastest ghost, Banshee, including where you can find it and how to identify and escape it.

Where Can I Find The Fastest Ghost In Phasmophobia?

The Banshee can spawn in any of Phasmophobia’s maps, but it favors larger locations with multiple floors, such as High School, Asylum, and Prison.

Due to its blazing speed, the Banshee can quickly cover large areas, so these bigger maps give it more room to hunt.

Player reports also indicate that Banshee has a higher appearance rate in nightmare-difficulty games than lower difficulties.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a challenge, up the difficulty and head to the biggest maps for the best odds of facing off against this fleet-footed phantom.

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Who Is The Fastest Ghost In Phasmophobia?

There are a few telltale signs that can help identify the Banshee early on:

  • Freezing Temperatures Below 4°C– The Banshee is one of the coldest ghosts.
  • Very Fast Interactions With Equipment– Due to its speed, the Banshee can trigger items like motion sensors, EMF readers, and UV flashlights in the blink of an eye as it zips by.
  • Aggressive Behavior From The Start– The Banshee doesn’t mess around and will begin hunting immediately, even at high sanity levels.
  • An Unnatural, Otherworldly Scream– If heard, this blood-curdling shriek confirms the presence of a Banshee.

Armed with a thermometer, EMF reader, and sound sensor, players can quickly narrow down the Banshee as the culprit with these distinctive traits.

Identifying this ghost as early as possible is key to surviving encounters with it.

Escaping The Fastest Ghost In Phasmophobia: Banshee Hunt

If the Banshee starts hunting, things can go south rapidly, given its breakneck speed.

You will need to act immediately to avoid being caught. Here are some tips:

  1. Get To The Van ASAP: The van provides safety during hunts, so make a beeline there at the first signs of a hunt.
  2. Split Up: The Banshee can only track one player at a time, so splitting the team improves the chances of survival.
  3. Use Doors: The Banshee’s speed is mitigated by doors, which must stop to open. Players can kite it between doors to buy time.
fastest ghost phasmophobia
The Banshee kills its victims instantly due to its speed.
  1. Sprint And Don’t Look Back: Pull out the camera to sprint faster and run as fast as possible without looking at the Banshee.
  2. Hide In Lockers/Showers: The Banshee can’t reach players in lockers or showers, though it may camp them. With quick thinking, it is possible to avoid the fastest ghost Banshee.

But one slip-up means certain death against its lightning-fast hunting capabilities.

Encountering The Fastest Ghost

If all precautions fail and the Banshee catches a player, there are a few key things that will happen:

  1. Instant Death: The Banshee kills its victims nearly instantly due to its speed. There is no surviving its grasp.
  2. A Blood-Curdling Scream: An otherworldly scream will sound as the player dies.
  3. Very Low Sanity Loss: Since death is instant, sanity drains slowly compared to other ghosts.
  4. Evidence: Fingerprints are guaranteed evidence, while EMF 5 and freezing temps also occur.
  5. Aggressive Roaming: The Banshee continues hunting other players relentlessly after a kill.

For the surviving players, it becomes a race to gather evidence before another teammate meets their demise.

Flashlights and cameras should be used to get fingerprints as fast as possible while calling out EMF and temperature readings.

With perfect cooperation under immense pressure, there is still a chance to escape with a victory.

The Bottom Line

The Banshee stands above all other ghosts as Phasmophobia’s fastest and most lethal threat.

With unparalleled speed, it can end a player’s life in the blink of an eye.

While a terrifying force, the Banshee’s abilities and behaviors can be identified and played around with teamwork and quick thinking.

May your flashlights stay bright and doors remain closed in seeking evidence against this formidable phantom.

Happy Gaming!

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