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Exoprimal Skywave: Exploring The Exosuit Skills

Exoprimal is an online cooperative action game where players battle Dinosaurs using cutting-edge Exosuit technology.

Players will control these Exosuits to stand steadfast against overwhelming Dinosaur swarms in online-only, team-based action game types.

In the video game Exoprimal, Skywave is an Exosuit of the support variety. It is made to fly in the air while assisting other field players. Several of Skywave’s skills can impede an opponent’s movement.

This article will explore the key features, functionalities, and benefits of the Skywave Exosuit in Exoprimal.

What Is Exoprimal?

Capcom created and released Exoprimal, a 2023 multiplayer third-person shooter video game.

Players take control of ex-fighters in the game, warriors with Exosuits who must accomplish tasks while fending against Dinosaur hordes to defeat the evil artificial intelligence Leviathan.

Skywave Exosuit In Exoprimal
Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that pits humanity’s cutting-edge Exosuit technology.

Exosuits come in all shapes and sizes in the game, each with unique abilities.

Assault, Tank, Support, and Recon are the four main classes of Exosuits that players can select from.

Players must select the appropriate suit for the situation because each class has unique strengths and limitations.

Exoprimal is a game that moves quickly and is full of action. However, players must be agile and have quick reflexes to survive.

Players must be able to adjust their playstyle to the situation because the game has a range of objectives.

To battle Dinosaurs, they can join forces with pals in Exoprimal’s multiplayer mode.

Players can compete in the game’s competition mode to see who can accomplish the goals quickly.

What Is Skywave Exosuit In Exoprimal?

Skywave is one of the Exosuits in the Exoprimal, which falls under the support category.

Exosuits are cutting-edge powered suits created to counter the threat posed by Dinosaurs.

Moreover, Exosuits are usually grouped into one of three roles: attack, tank, and support based on their wide variety of capabilities.

Exofighters can undergo a suit change at any moment, even while engaged in combat.

You can use this adaptability to change your team’s makeup and achieve your goals.

Skywave is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining classes in the finest co-op game.

Skywave Exosuit In Exoprimal
Skywave is a support Exosuit that can fly in the air.

Its powers allow it to maintain agility, evade adversaries while suppressing them, and heal or damage with its Primary Fire.

With her Slipstream ability, which has a low cooldown and two charges, Skywave is excellent at staying in the air.

Her primary Fire, the Aether Lance, also heals allies while dealing damage to adversaries.

Since Skywave’s health is one of her main weaknesses, we advise employing the Durability Module to help her battle for longer.

Additionally, you will get more points for your other support if there is one, as she will gain by having a higher maximum health if there is one.

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What Are The Skywave Exosuit Skills?

Skywave is a reliable Exosuit of the support class that may be an asset to any team.

Although it is not the game’s strongest suit, it possesses several skills that can make it a formidable opponent.

Here you can find some details of Skywave’s capabilities.

1. Aether Lance

This skill launches a long-range projectile that wounds allies and injures opponents.

The arrow-shaped projectile may penetrate through numerous foes and move in a straight line.

However, although the healing effect is not highly potent, it can occasionally keep teammates alive.

2. Slipstream

Skywave can glide swiftly in the air thanks to this ability, making it challenging for foes to hit her.

Moreover, Skywave can use Slipstream to change its battle location or avoid opposing attacks quickly.

3. Thunder Clap

This power summons lightning from the sky, crippling opponents in its path.

However, aiming precisely is critical because the lightning bolt will strike the ground in any given spot.

Moreover, the shocked enemies are immobile briefly, giving Skywave’s teammates time to assault them.

4. Air Lift

Teammates can strike foes from above using the airlift ability, raising teammates into the air.

Also, allies can be moved about or given a better vantage point for fighting adversaries using this skill.

5. Wave Cannon

This skill launches a tremendous energy beam that covers a large area, dealing enormous damage to foes.

Therefore, Skywave’s ultimate power, the Wave Cannon, can change the course of a battle.

The Bottom Line

The adaptable support-class Exosuit Skywave is an excellent addition to any team.

Despite not having the strongest Exosuit in the game, it has a lot of abilities that can make it a powerful foe.

Therefore, Skywave is a fantastic option if you’re seeking an Exosuit to support your squad and aid in the victory.

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