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Explore The Diced Roots In Fae Farm

You can play as a farmer in a fantasy setting in the video game Fae Farm.

Moreover,  you can grow and harvest various things, including diced roots, in Fae Farm.

Diced roots are made from the seeds of the turnip. This seed is a unique and enigmatic crop that you can buy from Holly.

This article discusses the Diced roots in Fae Farm, including how to get them.

Introduction To Diced Roots In Fae Farm

In FaeFarm, Diced roots are a food ingredient players can make from any crop in the turnip family at the Food Prep Table.

Diced roots are necessary for the Neppy-awarded “A Watery Wonder” quest.

Neppy is a hungry water sprite who needs your assistance to organize a seafood festival.

You will also require steamed fish, sardines, sand dollars, coral, and chopped roots.

Additionally, Diced roots are adaptable components that players can utilize in many recipes.

Players can include diced recipes in salads, soups, and stews. Moreover, players can use them to prepare stir-fries or roasted vegetables.

Moreover, diced roots have the following aspects:

  • Diced roots are a level 1 food ingredient
  • Their selling price is 20 gold
  • Players can store them in food storage

So, you can enhance your farm and explore the island using diced roots. They are beneficial and adaptable materials.

Moreover, Diced roots have a sparkling, vibrant look, a sweet, nutty flavor, and a mysterious, mystical impact.

How To Get Diced Roots In Fae Farm?

Simply, you can make diced roots by placing one crop turnip in the Food Prep Table.

You must select the Diced Root option there, and you will own 20 diced roots.

Here are the steps on how to do it:

  • Buy Turnip seeds from Holly in the Town Center
  • Plan basic soil beds in which to plant the turnip seeds.
  • Harvest your turnip with daily watering.
diced roots
You can harvest your crops in FaeFarm with daily watering.
  • To transform turnips into diced roots, use the food preparation table. You can get two diced roots from a single turnip.

Moreover, adhere to the following tips and you can get diced roots in Faefarm easily:

  • You can grow different turnip-family crops on the same land. This will enable you to harvest more sliced roots in less time.
  • You can use the Zippy Fertilizer to hasten the growth of your crops. After that, you’ll be able to get more diced roots in less time.
  • Moreover, use the Harvest Boost ability to boost the quantity of crops you harvest. Also, you can obtain additional sliced roots by doing this.

How To Use The Harvest Boost Ability?

The Harvest Boost ability is beneficial for harvesting large fields of crops quickly and efficiently.

However, it would be best to unlock it first to use the Harvest Boost ability in FaeFarm.

You can acquire the ability by raising your Farming skill to level 10.

Once you unlock the skill, you can use it by pressing the “H” key.

When you utilize the Harvest Boost ability, more crops will be harvested from each plant.

Moreover, the amount of harvesting depends on your level of farming expertise.

For example, if your farming skill level is 10, you will harvest 1.5 times as much from each plant.

You will benefit most from this ability if you use it on fully grown crops.

However, the Harvest Boost power has a 30-second cooldown. Therefore, you can only use it once every 30 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Diced roots are a versatile ingredient that can help you cut through quests, cook up a storm, and level up your Farming skill.

To get the most out of diced roots, plant a crop of turnips, add some Zippy Fertilizer, and harvest with the Harvest Boost ability.

With diced roots in your hand, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge FaeFarm throws your way.

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