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Broom Glitch In Gorilla Tag: Exit The Map

Gorilla Tag players are curious about the new broom’s glitch and how they can use it to get out of the map.

The Broom Glitch in Gorilla Tag allows players to swing fast across the map and also use it to exit the map with the correct attempt.

To use The Broom Glitch to your advantage, first, you must put your left or right controller down and grab the broom by facing the ring on your Oculus controller upwards.

Continue reading to gain more insights about the tips on how you can use Broom Glitch to exit the map in Gorilla Tag.

What Is The Gorilla Tag Game About?

Gorilla Tag is an engaging game that combines action, parkour, and tag elements.

Furthermore, this tag game immerses you in a vibrant jungle environment filled with stunning landscapes.

Gorilla Tag Game
Each participant plays the gorilla role and engages in a game of catch in various environments.

In this game, you take the role of a gorilla, and your objective is to pursue and tag other players within a playground setting.

Furthermore, each participant plays the gorilla role and engages in a game of catch in various environments.

The Broom’s Launching Glitch In Gorilla Tag

There are multiple glitches with the broom in the Gorilla Tag Game.

The first is a Launching Glitch that allows players to swing fast around the area with impressive thrust when standing on it.

The Witches Broom Glitch
Launching Glitch allows players to swing fast around the area with impressive thrust.

Hence, you could stand on the broom and swing around to reach high spots, trees, walls, and more if you’re at any spot.

Use Launching Glitch Against Lava Monkey

If a Lava monkey is chasing you, you can jump on the broom and do the glitch to get away from the lava monkey fast.

Remember, you must wave your arm fast around the broom and let go to fly across the map.

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The Broom’s Flying Glitch In Gorilla Tag

Another remarkable glitch associated with the broom in Gorilla Tag Game is The Broom’s Flying Glitch.

While the Launching Glitch allows you to fly across the map, this one is even more impressive comparatively.

Besides, it is like the upgraded version of the broom’s launching glitch and can get you out of the map.

Flying all the way to top to get out of the map
The Broom’s Flying Glitch can be used to get out of the map.

How To Exit The Map In Gorilla Tag?

Hence, the first step you want to do is to go to the witch’s broom location.

1. Choose Your Dominant Hand

Now, put your right hand’s controller down, or you can put down any hand’s controller you are used to.

Thus, if you are left-handed, put your left controller down; if you are right-handed, put your right controller down.

2. Grab The Broom

Grab the broom in the middle by facing the ring on your Oculus controller upwards, and cap it over it once.

Note that when your fingers disconnect, you know you have the broom.

3. Use Your Ring For The Flying Glitch

Now focus on the little ring on your Oculus controller, and if you look closely, you’ll see a little Shimmer where the Oculus logo is.

Basically, you have to smack your ring on the logo.

Keep your hand on the broom, and then it’ll make your hand lose track, so now you have to hold the pressure.

4. Fly Straight To The Top To Exit The Map

Once you lose your hand track on the broom, you’ll start floating, eventually going straight upwards.

After you gradually ascend to the top, you can finally get out of the map with the help of the broom.

Flying to the top to exit the map
You can finally get out of the map with the help of the broom.

Once you are out of the map, put your ring behind your back, wait for your controller to come to you, and then you are all set to go.

Remember not to do any of these glitches in public lobbies cause it is considered a cheat.

The Bottom Line

Nonetheless, many players are unable to use the Flying Broom Glitch to their edge in Gorilla Tag.

However, it is possible to exit the map if you try multiple times by trying these steps repeatedly.

Besides, hit on your ring until you start to float and then, in no time, you will gradually fly upwards and get out of the map.

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