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Did Odetari Buy Half Of Roblox? Addressing Rumours

Many fans ask the same question across social media or gaming communities: Did Odetari Buy Half of Roblox?

There have been rumors about the paper’s involvement in the gaming industry for months.

Many Roblox players wonder if Odetari bought half of Roblox, due to a Video that suggests the Producer bought the stake by spending over eleven billion dollars.

Continue reading to discover if Odetari bought half of Roblx and the reason behind the investment.

Odetari And Roblox Rumours

Taha Othman Ahmad, also known as Odetrai, is a popular figure in the Music industry.

The 24-year-old started producing music at the early age of 13 and also works as a Rapper and a songwriter.

The American producer is well-known for his electronic dance music genre and debuted his debut single in March 2023.

Since debuting from I <3 Latinas, he has completed numerous projects and gained millions of views.

His popular tracks include You’re Too Slow, GMFU, Hypnotic Data, and Double Trouble.

According to numerous rumors, Odetari is also stepping into the gaming industry.

did odetari buy half of roblox
Odetari’s video on the Roblox.

The EDM producer’s love for the gaming industry will help him grow in both builds.

Various news is circulating that Odetari has bought Half of Roblox, an online gaming platform and game creation system.

A TikTok video was spread like wildfire suggesting Odetari bought a 50% stake in Roblox in June 2023.

Roblox gamers are hopeful to view numerous changes if Odetari rumors are true.

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Why Did Odetari Buy Half Of Roblox?

Without a doubt, Odetrai has had a good impact on USA’s music industry, thanks to his unique genre. 

Odetari, with his production, has probably made thousands, if not millions, of dollars in a short period.

However, unlike other EDM artists like Avicci, Calvin Harris, and Marshmello, he is not quite influential and in the early stages.

Even after such influence in the music industry, the artists have yet to cross the billion-dollar mark.

Moreover, according to reports, the billion-dollar mark is just over 5% of the Roblox Valuation, which is almost 24 billion Dollars.

roblox valuation stock market
Roblox current valuation according to Stock Analysis.

The rumors seem fake, considering Odetari is still in the early stages and is worth way below the half valuation of Roblox.

Odetari has to spend at least 11 billion dollars to match the 50% stake valuation, which seems a bit unlikely.

Moreover, Roblox Corporation, the developers, have yet to make an official announcement on social media or media releases.

Hence, if players are watching such rumors, they are probably fake or from an untrusted source. 

The Bottom Line

The Rumours of Odetrai buying half of Roblox are untrue, as the developers have yet to make an announcement.

Even if Odetari plans to buy half of the company, the producer has to spend over 12 billion dollars to match the valuation.

Hopefully, Odetari will have a successful career ahead and invest in the gaming industry.

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