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Spider Fruit In Blox Fruits: Weaving A Wave Of Destruction

Blox Fruits offers a variety of abilities by giving players different fruits, such as Spider Fruit, Rumble Fruit, Control Fruit, and many more.

The Spider Fruit is a Legendary rarity fruit in Blox Fruits, which is also known as String Fruit.

Spider Fruit in Blox Fruits is a Legendary Natural-type Blox Fruit, which you can purchase for 1,500,000 Beil or 1,800 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. However, it costs a total of 17,300 fragments to awaken fully.

Continue reading to learn about awakened Spider Fruit in Blox Fruits.

Spider Fruit In Blox Fruits

The Spider Fruit is a unique item for fights against other players rather than regular battles.

It is a mid-tier fruit, but some players try to trade it for other items like the Buddha fruit.

Moreover, it has excellent stuns, damages, and hitboxes, considered a good fruit for PvP when awakened.

 mid-tier fruit which is good in pvp
The Spider fruit is a mid-tier fruit which is good in PvP when awakened.

Likewise, it has high combo potential and can break instinct, which is suitable for defeating the boss.

Therefore, it lacks the Elemental effect and has moves that can be hard to hit on NPCs, so it is not a good fruit for grinding.

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Spider Fruit Worth

The Spider Fruit is worth around 1,500,000 Beli in Blox Fruits.

However, if you want the permanent version, it’s valued at approximately 790,000,000 Beli.

Although it seems more worthy than other fruits, it is not one of the most valuable fruits.

The demand for the Spider Fruit is medium; not many players trade for this fruit.

You can purchase the Spider Fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer, also rolled from the Blox Fruit Gacha, with a meagre chance.

Additionally, you can purchase the permanent version from the Permanent Fruits menu.

How To Obtain Spider Fruit In Blox Fruits?

Moreover, there are two different ways to purchase the Spider Fruit in Blox Fruits. They are as below:

1. Purchase from the Blox Fruit Dealer

You require either in-game currency, Beli or premium currency, Robux, to purchase the Spider Fruits.

Go to the Blox Fruit Dealer and select the Spider Fruit from the list of available fruits.

To get Beli, you must defeat enemies, complete quests, sell items to the Blox Fruit Dealer, or trade with other players.

You need to purchase Robux with real-world money or earn it through the Roblox Developer Exchange (RDE).

2. Rolling it from the Blox Fruit Gacha

Go to the Blox Fruit Dealer and select the Roll option to spin the Gacha machine.

Moreover, you might get the Spider Fruit as one of the Gacha Spins rewards.

Awakened Spider Fruit In Blox Fruit

To awaken the Spider Fruit, you need fragments you can obtain by participating in raids.

Raids are minigame challenges where a team of four players work together to defeat enemies within a time limit.

However, you must purchase a Raid Chip from the Mysterious Scientist to initiate a raid, and one of the players must use the chip.

This becomes available at level 1100 and costs 100,000 Beli.

Therefore, you can earn up to 1000 fragments if you defeat all five waves of enemies.

Here is an overview of the Awakened Spider Fruit’s moveset:

1. Thermal Laceration (Z key):

The player summons a string that stuns the enemy before following up with other moves.

Moreover, the thermal laceration fragment cost is 800.

2. Ultimate Thread (X key):

The player shoots a powerful string that deals high damage and pierces through multiple enemies at once.

Furthermore, its fragment cost is 2500.

3. Eternal White (C key):

The player creates a giant spider web that traps and damages enemies in a specific area.

Its fragment cost is 4500.

4. Heavenly Punishment (V key):

The player summons a giant spider that deals high damage and knocks back enemies.

Heavenly Punishment fragment cost is 6000.

5. Spider’s Highway (F key):

The player creates a string highway to travel quickly around the map and reposition himself.

Moreover, its fragment cost is 2500.

The Bottom Line

Hence, the Spider Fruit is pretty good, but you need some skills to use it in fights against other players.

Furthermore, joining a Blox Fruits Discord server or community can help you find players willing to trade for the Spider Fruit.

Therefore, the value of fruits can fluctuate depending on the market, so it is better to check with other players for accuracy.

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