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Is The Ghost Fruit Good To Use In Blox Fruits?

Ghost Fruit is making waves in Blox Fruits as players are wondering whether the Ghost Fruit is good or not.

It is a rare and powerful item that allows you to resurrect and summon ghostly characters.

If you are wondering whether the Ghost Fruit is Good to use in Blox Fruits, it is a good choice, but it depends on your playstyle. If you enjoy versatile skills and are willing to master them, it’s a great pick. However, if you prefer Simpler Fruit mechanics, it may not be your best fit.

Continue reading to find out what Ghost Fruit is and whether the fruit is good to use in Blox Fruits.

What Is The Ghost Fruit In Blox Fruits?

Ghost Fruit is the most powerful and rare fruit that helps you enhance your abilities.

In Blox Fruits, Ghost Fruit was previously known as the Revive Fruit.

Furthermore, when you use Ghost Fruit, you will have a second life or extra chance to continue in the battle.

Hence, even if you get killed during the battle, you can return to life with 50% health.

Ghost fruit in blox fruits
In Blox Fruits, Ghost Fruit was previously known as the Revive Fruit.

The Ghost Fruit provides many offensive skills, like the ability to Stun and throw maximum damage output.

Besides, the most exciting part of the Ghost Fruit is that you can even summon ghostly companions to help you.

The Ghostly Companions help you in the battle by copying your signature moves to hit the enemies.

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Is The Ghost Fruit Good For Blox Fruits?

The Ghost Fruit is definitely a good choice in Blox Fruits, but it entirely depends on your playstyle and preferences.

The use of Ghost Fruit may turn into a wrong choice for you if it does not match your usual playstyle.

If you are one of those players who enjoy using a fruit with a vast range of skills, then the Ghost Fruit is an excellent choice.

Remember, you must be willing to invest your time and effort to master the unique abilities of the Ghost Fruit.

In addition, when you use Ghost Fruit, you can gain the upper hand in combat and exploration due to its unique and versatile moveset.

Hence, Ghost Fruit will definitely be a formidable asset as you can have low cooldowns and throw a decent damage output in the game.

However, if you prefer a simpler fruit with more straightforward mechanics, do not go for the Ghost Fruit.

You may not like its complexity, as you need precise control over its Stunning abilities.

Besides, you will also have a slow fight speed due to the Wandering Soul moveset of the Ghost Fruit.

What Abilities Do You Get From Ghost Fruits In Blox Fruits?

When you use Ghost Fruits, you can earn unique abilities that significantly impact your gameplay. 

Look at some of the moves you can make after using the Ghost Fruits.

1. Shivering Possession (Z)

You can activate this ability by pressing Z, which allows you to make a forward dash attack.

Hence, you will move forward quickly and attack all the enemies in your path by causing 2900 damage.

The Shivering Possession ability will allow you to use a Stunning Effect to give you battle advantages.

2. Spectral Release (X)

You can Press X to activate the Spectral Release ability of the Ghost Fruit.

Furthermore, the Spectral Release ability is a close-range area of effect (AoE) attack.

By using this feature, you can hit multiple targets simultaneously.

Similarly, you can hit the enemies with a significant amount of damage that can go up to 4,000.

If you want to enhance your Spectral Release move, combine it with Ghost Busters.

3. Cries Of The Underworld (C)

You can activate the Ghost Fruit’s The Cries Of The Underworld ability by pressing C.

Furthermore, this ability is very useful if you have to use a ranged attack on your enemies.

The Cries of the Underworld ability will let you shoot a string beam at opponents.

Additionally, this ranged beam will help you to deal damage of up to 4,500 to your enemies.

You can also combine this ability with Ghost Busters to enhance the strength of your beam.

4. Ghost Busters (V)

This transformative ability turns you ethereal by transforming you into a ghostly creature.

Furthermore, you can also summon ghostly entities that automatically attack nearby enemies.

squad of ghost busters
These Ghostbusters will copy your every skill and help you fight and protect you.

The Ghost Busters ability is mind-blowing as the ghost entities will help you not only to attack but also to protect you.

5. Wandering Soul (F)

If you want to control your ghost summons, press F to activate the Wandering Soul in Blox Fruits.

This mobility ability will turn out to be very helpful for travel and escape in Blox Fruits.

However, it’s essential to note that the flight speed is comparatively slower than usual.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ghost Fruit

If you are in a buzz of finding out whether the Ghost Fruit is a good choice, then take a look at the pros side of it.

Pros Of Using Blox Fruits

Some of the pros of using Blox Fruits are:

1. Versatility: You get a broad range of abilities from Ghost Fruit that is helpful for gameplay scenarios, from PvE to PvP.

2. Low Cool-downs: The Ghost Fruit will allow you to decrease the cool-down times relatively.

3. Decent Damage Output: If you master the Ghost Fruit effectively, you can hit the opponents with maximum damage.

Cons Of Using Blox Fruits

Some of the cons of using Blox Fruits are:

1. Complex Abilities: It is challenging to master the Ghost Fruit’s abilities due to its complexity, which may lead to less effective gameplay.

2. Stun Control: When you use the Stunning Effect of Shivering Possession, it may not always hit its mark as it is hard to control.

3. Mobility Limitations: While Wandering Soul provides mobility, its slow flight speed can be a drawback in certain situations.

The Bottom Line

The Ghost Fruit is undoubtedly a good choice if you put your time and effort into mastering it.

Therefore, get ready to harness the power of Ghost Fruit and earn abilities like resurrection, low cooldowns, high damage output etc.

Give the Ghost Fruit a try and see how it enhances your Blox Fruits experience.

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