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Obtain The Jungle Jam Levels In Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go Jungle Jam, players can gain levels to earn various rewards that are useful for players.

Furthermore, various rewards repeat, but there are more unique rewards than recurring ones.

The Jungle Jam levels in Monopoly Go are available when players complete various requirements that will lead to earning rewards that can help players improve in the game in later stages.

This article discusses the Jungle Jam levels in Monopoly Go.

What Is Monopoly Go Jungle Jam?

Monopoly Go Jungle Jam is the new event running alongside the Spooky Car Partners.

In this event, players must collect hats and get the rewards. The developers are not stingy with the rewards in this event.

As mentioned before, players must collect hats, and they can do so by landing on various spaces on the boards.

The spaces are Visiting Jail, Free Parking, Go to Jail and Go. When players land on these spaces, they will obtain varying numbers of hats.

Monopoly go jungle jam event
Jungle Jam is a new event that is happening in Monopoly Go.

Thus, players must strategize accordingly to get the best amount of hats per game.

Furthermore, when players land on certain spots, they will get a multiplier boost for their tokens.

This is similar to the mechanics of the tokens in a lot of the events that they run.

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How To Get Levels In Jungle Jam Monopoly Go?

Players must simply earn the number of hats required for a certain level to level up.

The mechanic of leveling up in the Jungle Jam event is quite simple.

This allows the players to get more dice and levels with the help of the event.

However, the Spooky Car Partners event is about to end, but there is one more event happening alongside this event.

Jungle jam levels Monopoly Go
Jungle Jam levels are obtainable through tokens in Monopoly Go.

The other event happening alongside Spooky Car Partners and the Jungle Jam is “Ghost Chase”.

Thus, players can look at multiple ways to earn more levels in the event.

Furthermore, Jungle Jam runs for a total of three days, starting on November 1st and ending on November 3rd.

Contrarily, players must make sure to get the best out of the event to obtain the best rewards possible.

Rewards From The Jungle Jam Levels In Monopoly Go

There are a total of 43 levels that players can obtain in the Jungle Jam event.

This means that there are a total of 43 rewards. However, certain levels have very similar rewards that players can obtain.

Here is a table with all the rewards from the Jungle Jam Levels in Monopoly Go:

Jungle Jam LevelPoints NeededRewards
1510 free dice rolls
315One-Star Sticker Pack
47075 free dice rolls
620One-Star Sticker Pack
72510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9180225 free dice rolls
1140One-Star Sticker Pack
13300400 free dice rolls, One-Star Sticker Pack, Gold Sticker Guaranteed
155010 minutes of Cash Grab
1770Two-Star Sticker Pack
18700850 free dice rolls
2080Three-Star Sticker Pack
2212001,400 free dice rolls, Three-Star Sticker Pack, Gold Sticker Guaranteed
2315015 minutes of High Roller
24140Two-Star Sticker Pack, Gold Sticker Guaranteed
25175200 free dice rolls
261000Cash 300 free dice rolls
27200Four-Star Sticker Pack
28300250 free dice rolls
3018001,900 free dice rolls
33800Four-Star Sticker Pack
3528002,600 free dice rolls, 15 minutes of High Roller
361000Five-Star Sticker Pack
37110025 minutes of Rent Frenzy
392500Cash 700 free dice roll
4013001,000 free dice rolls
411400Four-Star Sticker Pack, Gold Sticker Guaranteed
4360007,000 free dice rolls, Four-Star Sticker Pack, Gold Sticker Guaranteed

From the table, we can notice that certain levels in between have higher requirements than other levels.

This is probably a method to time-gate the players into playing the game even more to get the rewards.

However, this practice is quite prominent in mainly free-to-play games, but they have linear progression rather than random bumps.

Thus, if the players find the rewards enticing, then they should invest their time into obtaining them all in the Jungle Jam event of Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

Free-to-play games like Monopoly Go will always have various events running with various rewards that players can obtain in the game.

Furthermore, the players must also fulfill specific requirements before earning the rewards.

Thus, it is a great way to have the players interact with the game and other players.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in gaining more levels in the Jungle Jam of Monopoly Go.

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