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Dmz Quid Pro Quo Bugged: How To Fix It?

DMZ Quid Pro Quo Bugged is a problem that many players of the video game Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ are facing.

Despite their attempts to find solutions, they remain stuck in the mission, and this is causing a lot of frustration for players.

DMZ Quid Pro Quo Bugged is a problem that many players of the video game Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ are facing. To fix it, you must restart the mission, avoid using explosives or killstreaks, and shoot the vehicles with your primary weapon.

Continue reading if you are interested in DMZ Quid Pro Quo, how to complete it, its bug issues and solution.

What Is DMZ Quid Pro Quo?

DMZ Quid Pro Quo is a mission –Tier 3 White Lotus task in the game Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

In this task, you’re supposed to bring a brand-new LTD vehicle from near the Castle to a place called Vondel.

Then, you drive this car through specific parts of the game map, including the flea market and fire station.

Unlike other tasks, this one doesn’t need you to gunfight or move items around, making it a more relaxing gameplay experience.

When you finish this mission, you are rewarded with a Lunar Patrol weapon blueprint and 20,000 XP.

How To Complete Quid Pro Quo DMZ Mission?

Completing the Quid Pro Quo mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 involves these steps:

1. Call In The LTV Vehicle

Go to the northwest, the Castle area in Vondel.

Then, look for blue smoke on the ground nearby, like where you’d call an exfil chopper.

Now, interact with a tear gas canister there to summon the LTV vehicle.

blue smoke on the ground
Blue Smoke on the Ground nearby Castle.

2. Drive To The Flea Market

Once you’re in the LTV, drive it to the flea market, which is also called the Market.

Meanwhile, it’s in the middle of the map.

driving vehicle to the flea market
Driving Vehicle to the Flea Market.

3. Drive To The Fire Station

Keep driving the LTV to the fire station, also known as the Fire Department.

It’s on the far east side of the map.

locating fireplace on the map
Locating Fireplace on the Map.

4. Mission Completion

Once you’re at the fire station, you’re done! You’ve completed the Quid Pro Quo DMZ mission.

Remember, you don’t need to worry about getting attacked during this mission – the LTV vehicle is tough.

In addition, as a reward, you’ll get the Lunar Patrol weapon blueprint and 20,000 XP.

Just drive safely and enjoy the rewards for your successful mission!

Dmz Quid Pro Quo Bugged

DMZ Quid Pro Quo Bugged is a problem that many players of the video game Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ are facing.

It is a bug that prevents them from completing the Quid Pro Quo mission, which is part of the White Lotus faction story. 

Here are the key points about the Quid Pro Quo DMZ mission being bugged:

1. Issue Details

The Quid Pro Quo mission in Warzone DMZ is facing a bug.

Although, the bug prevents players from summoning a required flare to call in an LTV vehicle behind Vondel’s Castle.

This problem is preventing players from moving forward in the mission.

2. Impact On Progression

Players can’t complete the second and third objectives linked to the mission.

Moreover, these objectives can only be done after successfully summoning the flare.

This bug is making players frustrated and stopping them from making progress.

3. Frustration Among Players

Players are expressing their frustrations on platforms like Reddit.

Likewise, this bug has been happening since Season 5.

It’s causing a problem for players trying to finish Tier 3 and make progress with the White Lotus Faction.

4. Affected Functionality

The bug has affected the proper functioning of the mission.

Also, players have shared their experiences of the blue smoke not generating on the map, preventing the LTV from being called.

5. Seeking A Solution

Players are looking for fixes and solutions to the bug.

The bug makes it hard for players to complete the mission and keep track of their progress accurately.

Moreover, the frustration stems from the game indicating mission completion even when it’s not.

The Quid Pro Quo mission has a bug that’s preventing players from calling in a needed flare.

Nevertheless, this problem messes up their progress and annoys players.

Furthermore, this bug has been around since Season 5, and players are looking for a solution to finish the mission correctly.

How To Fix Dmz Quid Pro Quo Bug?

It is a bug that prevents them from completing the Quid Pro Quo mission, which is part of the White Lotus faction story.

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for the bug as of now.

The developers of Warzone DMZ have not acknowledged or addressed the issue on their social media or website.

Here are some steps to bug fixes related to the DMZ Quid Pro Quo issue:

1. Restart And Reset Attempt: Players tried restarting DMZ and deselecting/reselecting the Quid Pro Quo Mission, but with limited success.

2. Reinstalling Warzone: Some players succeeded by reinstalling Warzone, but this can be time-consuming and not ideal for everyone.

3. Spamming Interact Button: Players attempted repeatedly pressing the interact button at the flare location, which worked for a few, though not everyone.

4. Community Engagement: Engaging with the Warzone community on forums or Reddit might yield additional strategies or insights to cope with the issue.

5. Developer Inaction: Surprisingly, the developers haven’t officially addressed the Quid Pro Quo bug. The bug is not listed on the official MW2 Trello board where DMZ issues are usually addressed.

What Are The Developers Doing About It?

Some players have tried the above workarounds to complete the mission, however, these methods do not seem to work consistently or reliably for everyone.

Despite the frustration, it’s important to remember that the gaming community is resourceful.

The developers might eventually fix this issue in a future game update.

Furthermore, the game developers are currently working on addressing different issues in the game.

They’ve been focusing on resolving issues like incorrect icons, problems with Blueprint counting, and collisions.

While the Quid Pro Quo bug is still unresolved, the developers are actively working on solving other game issues.

The Bottom Line

Despite the issue persisting since Season 5’s release on August 2nd, players continue to face the absence of smoke and the inability to summon an LTV.

Hopefully, the developers of Warzone DMZ will fix the bug soon and make the Quid Pro Quo mission playable again.

Until then, players can try other missions and objectives in the game or explore other factions and maps.

Leading to frustration and a desire for a resolution!

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