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Explore Everything About Frozen Olive In The Blasphemous

In the action-platformer game Blasphemous, the Frozen Olive is a collectible item.

This item is associated with the character Gemino, a prisoner trapped within the twisted olive tree.

Frozen Olive is a collectible item that enhances a player’s defense when their health is at a critical level. Players must complete the Gemino quest called ‘Where Olive Trees Wither’ to obtain this item.

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What Is Frozen Olive In The Blasphemous?

Frozen Olive is a type of Rosary Bead in Blasphemous that has the ability to increase the wearer’s defense when their health is low.

These beads are the augmentation that is tied to one another.

Further, after players equip the frozen olive, it increases the stats of The Penitent One along with various buffs and effects.

Similarly, players can maximize the number of beads The Penitent One can hold by finding the knots.

The knots will further unlock an additional slot for another Rosary bead.

Players can acquire Frozen Olive by completing the side quest of Gemino called Where Olive Trees Wither quest.

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Explore About Where Olive Trees Wither Quest 

Players can find the Frozen Olive in the Where Olive Trees Wither Quest.

Further, it is a blooming forest location where olive trees grew and bloomed in Blasphemous.

However, since the miracle, the blooming forest turned into a frozen forest with withered trees.

There are some simple steps to complete the Gemino quest to collect Frozen Olive:

1. Locate Gemino

Gemino is within the Where Olive Trees Wither, where players must pass through the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

After locating him, players have the option to ignore or interact with him.

Gemino is a prisoner trapped in the Olive tree
Gemino is trapped within the twisted olive tree in Where Olive Trees Wither.

Players should interact with him to initiate the quest and begin another step.

2. Fill The Golden Thimble

Gemino will ask you a favor bring a few drops of olive oil to him and give you the empty Golden Thimble.

You can get the oil after defeating the boss Our Lady of the Charred Visage.

Fighting with lady of the charred visage
Players need to fight with Our Lady of the Charred Visage to get olive oil for Gemino.

3. Give To Gemino

After acquiring the Golden thimble filled with burning oil, go back to see Gemino.

Give the thimble to Gemino and it’ll reveal a cave with a tomb nearby that gives access to the prayer Saeta Dolorosa.

Further, players have to place the Dried Flowers bathed in tears in that tomb.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Rosary Bead Frozen olive increases the defense when HP is low in the Blasphemous.

Players can acquire the collectible after completing the Gemino’s quest.

It requires players to collect a few drops of olive oil in the Golden thimble and give it to Gemino.

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