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Details Of Rise Of The Phoenix In Monopoly Go

Rise of the Phoenix is a new addition to the Epic Myth Album of Monopoly Go.

In addition, the album Rise of the Phoneix is on set number 22.

You have to collect stickers and complete all of the first album to get to Rise of the Phoenix.

Rise of the Phoenix is the new album set of the Epic Myth Album of Monopoly Go. The album is on set 22 of the Epic Myth album, which can be unlocked by collecting nine stickers through the game.

This article will dive deeper into the details of the Rise Of The Phoenix Album.

Albums In Monopoly Go

Albums are songs that play in the background while playing Monopoly Go.

However, they are more than just background songs, as they can provide various rewards.

In addition, albums and sticker sets go hand in hand in Monopoly Go.

Stickers are the collectible items that can be found through different events and minigames.

Additionally, nine unique stickers make up each themed album in the game.

Furthermore, completing an album provides big rewards, including one of the three unique game tokens.

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What Is The Rise Of The Phoenix Album?

Rise of the Phoenix is the latest album of the new season of Monopoly Go.

In addition, it is part of the Epic Myth album with a set of 21 albums initially.

The Epic Myth Album is a grand event in Monopoly Go that lasts for three months.

Furthermore, the event started on September 1, 2023, and will continue for the next 92 days.

So, this Epic Myth album event of Monopoly Go will officially end on December 1, 2023.

Therefore, the Rise of the Phoenix album is the new addition, set 22 of the Epic Myth Album.

Rise Of The Phoenix Monopoly Go
Rise Of The Phoenix is the 22nd set of the Epic Myth Album.

Additionally, here are nine sticker packs that you must complete to be able to gain the Rise of the Phoenix album.

Also, you will not be able to get the Rise of the Phoenix album without being able to gain the previous 21 sets.

Here is a list of all the 21 sets you must complete before getting to Rise of the Phoenix and its rewards.

Epic Myth Set NameRewards
Adventures of ThorMoney & 130 Dice
The ArgonautsMoney & 145 Dice
Bake- DanukiMoney & 160 Dice
Romulus and RemusMoney & 170 Dice
Robin HoodMoney & 185 Dice
Trojan HorseMoney & 225 Dice
String of FateMoney & 250 Dice
Ulysses' TravelsMoney & 275 Dice
Pied PiperMoney & 300 Dice
EL DoradoMoney & 325 Dice
The Great RaceMoney & 350 Dice
The Lost CityMoney & 400 Dice
King ArthurMoney, Cyclops Token & 400 Dice
Paul BunyanMoney & 500 Dice
NessieMoney & 550 Dice
Bermuda TriangleMoney & 675 Dice
Lizard ManMoney & 900 Dice
Midas TouchMoney & 1000 Dice
SasquatchMoney & 1100 Dice
AcalicaMoney & 1400 Dice
Hua MulanMoney & 1800 Dice

As a reward for completing the full set of Epic Myth Album, you will get money, 15,000 dice and a hammer token.

How To Complete Albums In Monopoly Go?

Albums in Monopoly Go, as we mentioned before, are gained through completing sticker packs.

There are many ways to gain stickers in Monopoly Go, completing events being the main one.

In addition, there are other methods through which you can complete albums in Monopoly Go.

Here is a list of all the methods you can use to complete an album in the game.

1. Daily Rewards

The daily rewards tab can provide various rewards, such as cash, stickers, dice and many more.

Daily Rewards Monopoly Go
You can get daily rewards in Monopoly Go every 8 hours.

In addition, you can gain these daily rewards every 8 hours of the day in the game.

Shop Monopoly Go
The Shop menu can help you purchase deals as we get daily rewards.

You can gain new stickers and rewards from the daily rewards under the Shop tab of the game.

2. Purchasing Deals

Now and then, you can get deals and offers which has sticker packs as well as other game currencies included.

Deals Monopoly Go rise of the phoenix
You can purchase money, dice, stickers and more through real money deals in the game.

Although you have to pay real money for these deals, sometimes they are a quick and easy way to gain benefits.

3. Level Up Your Net Worth

You can also level your net worth to get more stickers and rewards.

In addition, leveling up your net worth will help you get more access to the daily rewards menu.

Net Worth Monopoly Go rise of the phoenix
Increasing net worth can help you gain more daily rewards.

With more daily rewards, you can probably get new stickers for your album.

4. Exchange Cards

One of the best ways to get stickers you do not have is by exchanging the cards.

You can exchange any card or sticker that you have duplicates of from other friends.

Exchange Cards Monopoly Go rise of the phoenix
You can exchange duplicate cards with other people.

When you tap on any card, you can select Ask the Group, which redirects you to Facebook.

On Facebook, you can join the Monopoly Go Trading Group Online to exchange cards with people.

These simple and quick steps can help you complete your album faster in Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

Rise of the Phoenix is the new set of the Epic Myth Album in Monopoly Go.

Besides becoming pleasant background music, these albums provide benefits such as money, dice and more.

There are some methods through which you can complete the albums of Monopoly Go.

So, go ahead and play the game and collect all the stickers to unlock albums.

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