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Do Axolotls Eat Frogs In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players can come across various types of mobs which can be passive, neutral or aggressive.

However, certain mobs are always passive toward the players, and Axolotl is one of them.

Players can come across a passive mob known as Axolotl in the game. However, in addition to Axolotls, frogs are also a passive mob. But, it seems Axolotl’s passive nature only extends to the players and not to other aquatic animals.
Continue reading where you can find Axolotls and whether they eat frogs.

What Are Axolotls In Minecraft?

Axolotls are a passive and aquatic mob that seek to hunt other aquatic mobs in Minecraft.

Players came across Axolotls for the first time in the Caves and Cliffs Update for Minecraft.

Furthermore, alongside Axolotls, the update brought goats and glow squid mobs into the game.

Additionally, players of Minecraft immediately liked them after their introduction due to their colorful nature.

However, Axolotls do not have much use in the game.

In-Game Model Of Axolotl In MInecraft.
In-game model of Axolotl in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find Axolotls In Minecraft?

Players can find Axolotls underwater, in the Lust Caves Biome and when there is one clay block less than five blocks beneath the spawning space.

Furthermore, Axolotls are a rare mob, thus, players may have to try multiple times before they can come across one of these colorful mobs.

Additionally, they are a passive mob and will not attack the players under any circumstances.

Moreover, players can pick the Axolotls up using a bucket.

This method allows the player to earn the achievement of The Cutest Predator.

However, even if Axolotls are passive towards the players, they will attack any aquatic animal they encounter.

Although, the Axolotls prioritize attacking hostile mobs such as drowned hostile mobs or guardians rather than passive mobs.

Furthermore, they come in various colors including Pink, Cyan, Gold, Brown and Blue.

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Where Can You Find Frogs In Minecraft?

Frogs typically spawn in Swamp Biome and Mangrove Biomes.

Furthermore, they are a passive mob similar to Axolotls, meaning they will not attack the players under any circumstances.

Additionally, Frogs are a naturally spawning mob, players can find them all over the Minecraft overworld near swamp biomes.

Depending on the temperature of the area the frog spawns in, the frogs have three different colors;

  • Temperate (Orange)
  • Cold Frogs (Green)/li>
  • Warm Frogs (White)

Cold Frogs are the rares among the three variants because they spawn in cold areas only.

All Three Types Of Frogs In Minecraft.
All three types of Frogs in Minecraft.

Do Axolotls Eat Frogs In Minecraft?

No! Axolotls do not eat frogs in Minecraft. However, it will attack the Frog if the frog is hostile.

But, Axolotls will attack and eat Tadpoles if the player keeps them in the same area.

Furthermore, they will attack other aquatic animals except Dolphins, Axolotls and Turtles.

The Bottom Line

Axolotls are cute passive mobs in Minecraft. However, their passive nature only extends to players most of the time.

Therefore, they will likely be eaten if the player tries to take other aquatic animals near Axolotls.

Hopefully, this article can help you explore Axolotls and accomplish a few achievements in Minecraft.

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