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Diablo 4 : Explore The AOZ Tier 1

Diablo 4 has recently introduced the Abattoir Of Zir (Aoz) and players can unravel the mystery of tier 1.

Similarly, encountering the Abattoir Of Zir is one of the most difficult tasks in the realm of Diablo 4. 

In Diablo 4 , players have to teleport to the Abattoir Of Zir Tier 1 using the Sigil and perform several quests like killing the monsters and guardians before the timer expires to get some of the exclusive rewards.

Continue reading to learn more about the AOZ Tier 1 in Diablo 4.  

An Overview Of Abattoir OF Zir (AOZ)

Like Diablo 3, Diablo 4 has released a new form of content reminiscing about the Diablo 3 Greater Rifts, The Abattoir Of Zir. 

Inside this treacherous world of Abattoir of Zir, players can start the quest by defeating several mobs.

Likewise, players have to defeat those mobs before the timer expires, so hurry up and kill every creature coming your way.

Upon successfully defeating numerous mobs, the progress bar fills up and introduces the big boss for the battle.

Teleport To aoz tier 1
Teleport To The AOZ Tier 1 From the Map.

Moreover, Abattoir of Zir (AOZ), provides significant challenges for the players and also stands as the most difficult task in Diablo 4.

Besides that, there are 25 different tiers of Abattoir Of Zir, and completing every single tier is not a joke.

Players have to battle with formidable forces of Tier 1 to Tier 25, the difficult level rises alongside the Tier.

Thus, before embarking on the perilous world if Abattoir Of Zir (AOZ), players must prepare to fight these adversaries.

Initiate The Abattoir OF Zir Tier 1 

Players should navigate through the dungeons of Abattoir of Zir and complete several tiers before unlocking exciting rewards.

So before starting Tier 1 of Abattoir Of Zir, players must complete the entire quests of the previous season.

Besides that, players should complete tasks like Labor of Love, Avatar of Sanctuary’s Might, Incarnate of Nightmares, Bloodied Head, and Glyph Master to unlock AoZ Tier 1.

Similarly, to begin Tier 1 of Abattoir of Zir, players must use the Bloodforged Sigil.

Activating aoz tier 1
A player is activating AOZ Tier 1 with SIGIL.

Likewise, upon consuming the Sigil, players can successfully activate the Nightmare Dungeon at Abattoir of Zir.

So after activating the nightmare dungeon, players can teleport to Tier 1 of the Abattoir of Zir.

Next, upon reaching Tier 1 of Abattoir of Zir, players are provided with task to slay monsters before time runs out.

Players must defeat numerous monsters before time runs out to battle with the Guardians.

Similarly, Guardians are more powerful than these monsters and only arrives upon killing monsters in time.

Moreover, players also have to slay several guardians like Nathama Blinkswift Blood seeker, Olashi Tunerdancer , etc before time runs out.

Rewards After Completing AOZ Tier 1

After the player clears out each and every monster and several guardians in 10 minutes, they can get several rewards.

Players can only attain several rewards upon completing the task without dying from the guardians or monsters.

aoz tier 1 Monsters
Players have to slay numerous monsters in AOZ Tier 1.

As players cannot resurrect during this event, players should be cautious while fighting these opponents.

Here are some of the list of rewards players get upon completing the AOZ Tier 1.

  • Players can get Tears of Blood Paragon Glyph as a reward for triumphing the Tier 1 OF Abattoir OF Zir.
  • Next, completing the AOZ Tier 1 rewards players with 1000 Glyph Point Experience. 
  • Moreover, completing Tier 1 unlocks the road to Tier 2 by rewarding players with Bloodforged Sigil.
  • Finally, upon completing Tier 1, players can collect some of the Unique and Legendary items.

The Bottom Line

Completing Tier 1 of Abattoir of Zir (AOZ) presents a significant challenge for the users which requires extreme focus.

In Summary, during Tier 1 of AOZ, players have to defeat several monsters and guardians within a 10-minute time period.

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