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Phasmophobia Deaths Rot: Where To Find?

Phasmophobia is a horror game that challenges players to investigate paranormal activities and hunt ghosts.

The ongoing event is the Halloween event, which requires players to find and collect certain ingredients and throw them into a cauldron.

One of these ingredients is Deaths Rot, a term for rotten apples that require players to collect as an ingredient in Phasmophobia. However, you can find the Deaths rot in a storage area near campsite B.
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What Is Deaths Rot In Phasmophobia?

Deaths rot is one of the nine ingredients players must collect and throw into a cauldron to complete the Halloween event in phasmophobia.

However, Deaths rot is actually a rotten apple that is dark green in color.

Similarly, Deaths rot can be easily found since there is a pumpkin head close to the rotten apples.

Furthermore, they can be distinguished as they are small, and many rotten apples are lying around the ground.

Among many, you should collect any three rotten apples found in a storage area.

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Where To Find The Deaths Rot In Phasmophobia?

The deaths rot can be found in a storage area near wooden crate in Campsite B.

Find Deaths rot near Campsite B
Find Deaths rot near Campsite B.

However, you can take any three of the rotten apples that are lying near an open box.

Furthermore, players need to pick up three of these apples and throw them into the cauldron.

Pick up any three Deaths rot (rotten apples)
Pick up any three Deaths rot (rotten apples).

Likewise, the apples are greenish-brown in color and have worms coming out of them.

Similarly, they are easy to spot among the other items in the storage area.

Why Is The Deaths Rot Essential In Phasmophobia?

The Deaths rot is essential in Phasmophobia because it is one of the nine ingredients players must collect.

Furthermore, you must throw all the ingredients into the cauldron to complete the event and earn rewards.

The rewards for completing the event are:

  1. Golden trophy: A Golden trophy with a pumpkin head that can be used as a decorative.
    Golden trophy
    Golden trophy in Phasmophobia.
  2. Pumpkin badge: A badge that shows a pumpkin with a ghost face that can be displayed on your profile.
    Pumpkin badge
    Pumpkin badge in Phasmophobia.

The Halloween event is only available for a specific time, so players should hurry up and find all the ingredients before it ends.

Likewise, the event also features a newly redesigned Maple Lodge campsite map, which has spooky decorations and sounds.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Deaths rot is one of the nine ingredients players need to find and throw into a cauldron to complete the Halloween event.

Likewise, the event requires players to find other items, such as a frog toy, a jar, beans, bear eyes, etc.

Similarly, by completing the event, players can earn a golden trophy and a pumpkin badge as rewards.

However, the event is only available for a limited time, so players should act fast and enjoy the spooky fun.

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