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Why Is Dominos Tracker Not Working?

Food Tracker service not working is a common issue in most of the fast food chains including Dominos.

Hence, users are concerned online as they are not receiving their orders on time due to the faulty tracking app.

Some features of the Dominos Tracker like the GPS are not working properly because tracking is only possible once the delivery person approves it. Therefore, it is not a glitch or bug in the app but just unprecedented delays from the human side.

Continue reading this article to learn why the Dominos Tracker is not working properly.

What Is Dominos Tracker?

A good food tracker allows users to get an insight into what is happening with their food orders.

Similarly, Domino’s caught on to this idea and released their version called Domino’s Delivery Tracker.

dominos tracker not working
The working phases of Domino’s order Tracker.

In General, this tracker will track five specific phases of every order, which are;

  • Placed Order
  • Preparation
  • Bake
  • Quality Check
  • Out For Delivery

Hence, this app allows users to monitor each stage until their order reaches their doorstep.

This would mean that the business and the customer could stay away from direct communication.

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Issues With The Domino’s Tracker

With the start of 2024, users are already complaining that their Domino’s tracker is not working properly.

Online customers have complained that the app would display their order as ‘delivered‘ while still waiting.

Additionally, some users have also mentioned a lack of GPS tracking while using the app.

users discussing why dominos tracker is not working
Users explain the reasons why the Dominos tracker does not work properly on online forums.

Users who have faced this common issue have raised this subject on an online discussion thread.

In response to this, past employees of Dominoes mentioned that the app mainly tracks the baking and delivery process only.

Moreover, they revealed that the app does not account for any delays or human errors while making their order.

Is The Domino’s Tracker Down?

No, the Domino’s Tracker is not down as the last downtime dates back to December 2023.

However, users are still having issues with the app’s login, registration, or checkout pages.

This usually happens when there is a huge traffic on the app, delaying the app servers.

It was also revealed online that your order will be marked as complete even if the driver makes a wrong delivery.

So users can assume that the app itself is not down as other users are seen using it.

They can also use the down tracker websites on the internet to determine whether the app is offline or not.

The Bottom Line

Dominos has always faced criticisms online regarding its delayed food-tracking app services.

However, this theme is also common with other fast-food chains as it is unable to compromise human errors.

Hence, users should not put blind trust in the tracking app as they are not accurate.

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