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Explore Everything About Dr. Young In Spider Man 2

In Spider Man 2’s 8th mission, players visit the Emily May Foundation and meet Dr. Young and other key characters.

This entire foundation conducts research on projects that benefit the environment, aiming to Heal the World.

Dr. Young is one of the many professors in the Emily May Foundation that players must interact with to complete the Healing The World Mission in Spider-Man 2.

Continue reading this article to explore everything related to Dr. Young In Spider-Man 2.

How To Locate Dr. Young In Spider-Man 2?

In Spider-Man 2, Dr. Young is seen inside the Emily May Foundation.

In order to reach the Emily May Foundation, players must follow the waypoint in the map.

When you reach this destination, a cutscene will be played where players will meet Harry.

Harry is the best friend of the player who is also the son of the CEO of the Emily May Foundation.

After you meet with Harry, a new cutscene will be played where players will meet Harry’s father.

Dr. Young In Spider-Man 2
Players can meet Dr.Young in Healing The World Mission.

Then, they will explain to you the aims and objectives of the Emily May Foundation.

Soon after this, the player will join the Emily May Foundation which marks the start of Healing The World Mission.

Furthermore, Harry will give you a tour of the entire place and also introduce you to all the professors.

Specifically, Dr. Young can be found on the ground floor of the Emily May Foundation.

It is fairly easy to locate her because you just have to follow Harry around on the ground floor.

Appearance-wise, she appears to be a short-haired middle-aged woman.

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Mission Handed By Dr. Young In Spider-Man 2

This secondary mission starts after Harry introduces the player to Dr. Young.

He introduces her as an entomologist who is studying bees at the Emily May Foundation.

Further, the interaction continues until Dr. Young explains the importance of bees to the player.

After the interaction, a new mission is displayed on the screen, telling you to Destroy the Beewolves.

Finally, she hands you a controller to control the drone that can eliminate the Beewolves.

In this mission, players must eliminate twenty Beewolves that spawned around the virtual beehives.

Dr. Young's Mission Inside The Building
Destroy the 20 Beewolves in the mission.

The beewolves can be detected very easily as they appear in bright red color on the screen.

Eliminating them is also very easy as the controller provides you with an aim assist option.

Here are all the control options for maneuvering the drone:

  • Press R2 or X on the controller to ascend the drone.
  • Use the left analog stick to move around the area.
  • Press L2 or O to descend the drone.
  • Finally, press R1 or to use the fire blast.

Complete this quest to meet other professors inside the Emily May Foundation.

Other Professors To Meet Besides Dr. Young

There are still two more professors that players must meet to complete the Heal The World Mission.

Just after completing Dr. Young’s beewolves quest, follow Harry until you see the next professor.

This professor is located on the same floor and introduces himself as Dr. Connor(The Lizard).

Dr. Connors In Spider-Man 2
Players can meet Dr. Connors at  the Emily May foundation.

Then, a short cutscene is played on the screen where Doctor Connor performs a health check on Harry.

Note that there is no quest attached with Dr. Connor.

After this, the player must meet one final professor who goes by Dr. Foster.

This doctor is located on the first floor of the building near the plant’s decor.

Interact with this doctor to reveal the final quest for this mission.

The final quest is called Hybrid Calibration where players must place Hex genes with matching sides.

Here are all the controls for this quest:

  • Use the Right analog to move around the cursor.
  • Use the arrow D-Pad to snap the cursor.
  • Press X to pick up and drop the piece.
  • Press O to return the piece.
  • Press to reset the entire puzzle.

Healing The World mission will finish after completing this puzzle.

Thankfully, the quest will also reward you with 2000 XP for completing the mission.

The Bottom line

Dr. Young is one of the three professors players must meet inside the Emily May Foundation.

She offers players one sub-quest that players must complete before meeting other doctors.

Her quest is very easy to complete if players master the drone’s controls.

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