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Learn Everything About G Serum In Spider Man 2

The Spider-Man 2 community has become very hyped after the G Serum was mentioned in the final cutscene.

And players have already started speculating about its significance for the franchise in online threads.

 G Serum stands for Green Goblin Serum in the Spiderman 2 final Cutscene. It sets up the possibility for the next Spider-Man game in the future.

Continue reading this article to learn about the G Serum in Spider-Man 2.

G Serum In Spider-Man 2 First Cutscene

Norman Osburn introduces the G Serum at the very last cutscene of the game.

Norman Osborn is the father of Harry, who is also the CEO and founder of Oscorp Industries.

In the final cutscene, Norman appears once Miles Morales and Peter defeat Venom.

This event results in Harry getting detached from the Symbiote but hurting him in the process.

Seeing his son Harry unconscious on the ground, he puts all the blame on Spidermen.

Introduction To G-Serum In The Cutscene
Introduction To G-Serum In The Cutscene.

But this is just a misinterpretation on Norman’s part, as the Spidermen were trying to help Harry.

This cutscene ends after Norman jumps into the ambulance with his son.

Then, we are introduced to another cutscene inside the Oscorp.

However, Harry is in a deep coma, leading Norman to believe his son won’t make it.

The enraged Norman then starts wrecking everything inside the room before he delivers the cliffhanger.

He calls an unknown number and delivers the line, “Get the G Serum ready.”

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 G Serum Storyline In Second Cutscene

The second cutscene takes place inside The RAFT, the prison for high-level villains.

The scene begins with Osborn walking towards Otto Octavius, who is infamous as Doc Ock.

This encounter took everyone by surprise, as it is known that Octavius hates Osborn.

The first words from Octavius are “What do you want” which he delivers without even turning towards Osborn.

RAFT In Spider-Man
Players can explore the RAFT prison in Spider-Man 2.

However, at this point, Osborn has given up all his pride and just seeks revenge.

This is later confirmed when he asks Doc about the identity of Spiderman.

The confused Doc asks why he wants that information in the first place.

Osburn replies by briefing that Spiderman took his son, which is false information.

However, Doc is somewhat pleased by this news as he mentions that even Norman should face loss in life.

Then comes the core importance of this cutscene when Osborn asks Doc about the book he was writing.

In a tense and foreboding manner, Doc responds, “The Final Chapter.”

Significance Of G Serum In Sequel

Every Spider-Man fan knows about all the interactions between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.

After all, The Green Goblin is one of the most iconic villains in the Spider-Man franchise.

From comics and movies, we know that the real identity of Green Goblin is none other than Norman Osburn himself.

Significance Of G Serum In The Future
The cutscene suggests the possible appearance of   G Serum In The Future.

He morphs into Green Goblin after injecting himself with the G Serum.

After this, the brilliant scientist Osburn turns into a vengeance-seeking supervillain.

Then, his entire purpose in life becomes to kill Spider-Man.

Hence, the emphasis on G Serum in Spider-Man 2 is very monumental as it teases the sequel.

Also, the game has already developed enough tension between  Spider-Man and Osburn to prepare for the next storyline.

Therefore, this has led fans to believe their beloved game will be released with a new storyline in the future.

The Bottom Line

A single emphasis on G Serum in Spider-Man 2 has made the fanbase hopeful for the next game.

Octavius further confirms this during his encounter with Osburn inside the RAFT.

Nevertheless, whether the franchise’s next game will be released remains uncertain.

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