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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Leaks: Spoilers And Raw Scan

Dragon Ball Super fans are hungrily awaiting Chapter 103, which is the continuation of the exciting saga between Goku and Granolah.

As tensions escalate, fans are waiting to discover the outcome of this epic clash as the battle reaches new heights.

Chapter 103 promises gripping action with Granolah’s relentless pursuit of power and Goku’s quest to master the Ultra Instinct.

Continue reading this Dragon Ball Super spoiler to learn more about the upcoming Chapter 103.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Spoilers And Release Date

Chapter 103 is the subject of much excitement among fans as they are waiting for the next chapter of the series.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103
Chapter 103 will deliver an unforgettable chapter in the Dragon Ball Super saga.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 will be released on the 20th of March, 2024.

The official release date marks a highly anticipated event for Dragon Ball fans, which is confirmed by V-Jump magazine in Japan.

Here are some spoilers and predictions for upcoming chapter 103:

1. Speculating Vegeta’s Role

Fans speculate on Vegeta’s role in turning the tide of battle as Goku lies incapacitated and Granolah stands poised for victory.

There can be a dramatic entrance where Vegeta arrives just in time to rescue Goku from a certain defeat.

Further, showcasing Vegeta’s unwavering loyalty to his longtime rival and friend Goku.

Others foresee a more strategic approach, with Vegeta devising a cunning plan to outsmart Granolah and gain the upper hand.

Similarly, fans expect the potential utilization of Vegeta’s new form and how it will factor into the battle.

2. Vegeta’s Transformation

Fan dissect every detail revealed thus far about Vegeta’s new form, with many theories circulating regarding its nature and origin.

Some fans have speculated that it could be linked to his Saiyan heritage or a newfound source of power.

Vegeta’s Transformation In Chapter 103
In Chapter 103 Vegeta potentially has power progression contributing to Vegeta’s character arc.

Likewise, others theorize that Vegeta may have unlocked a unique transformation exclusive to him.

Further, this signals a significant evolution in his character arc in this upcoming chapter 103.

3. Granolah’s Motivations

Chapter 103 can dive into Granolah’s motivations and backstory, intrigued by his relentless vendetta against Saiyans and Frieza.

Likewise, speculation runs rampant regarding the events that led to Granolah’s deep-seated hatred and thirst for revenge.

Similarly, a tragic past can be a reason for the destruction of his homeworld and the loss of his loved ones.

You may observe that Granolah’s quest for power is driven by a desire for justice or redemption.

Moreover, chapter 103 promises to provide further insight into Granolah’s complex character.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Raw Scan

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 raw scans release date has recently surfaced which is expected to be around March 17, 2024.

Further, these raw scans offer glimpses into the highly anticipated continuation of the epic battle between Goku and Gohan.

Chapter 103 will elevate the stakes and tension surrounding the battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah.

Similarly, Chapter 103 promises to shed light on Granolah’s backstory and the origins of his grudge.

Is A Showdown Between Goku And Gohan On The Horizon?

In Chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super, the story is likely to intensify as Goku and Gohan’s battle reaches its climax.

Likewise, both Goku and Gohan will unleash their most formidable transformations as they engage in a fierce exchange of blows.

Similarly, Goku can harness the power of Ultra Instinct and Gohan can unleash his newfound Beast Mode.

Goku Vs Gohan In Chapter 102
This rivalry fuels their determination by driving them to surpass their capabilities with every strike.

Goku and Gohan can show a variety of techniques and strategies in their quest for victory.

The intensity of their rivalry fuels their determination, driving them to surpass their capabilities with every strike.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of the battle holds the potential for significant developments in the Dragon Ball universe.

The outcome establishes the stage for future conflicts and challenges, shaping alliances that may form or dissolve.

Moreover, the result of Goku and Gohan’s duel is sure to reverberate throughout Chapter 103.

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