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Twomad Hazbin Hotel: Tribute To The Late Canadian YouTuber

Twomad Hazbin Hotel is a fan-made meme that pays tribute to the late Canadian YouTuber Twomad.

The meme imagines Twomad as a new arrival in Hell, where he encounters the characters and events of the Hazbin Hotel.

Further, the meme combines Twomad’s humor and style with Hazbin Hotel’s musical and comedy elements. 

Continue reading to learn more about Twomad in Hazbin Hotel, fans’ reactions, and what he is accused of after his death.

Twomad In Hazbin Hotel

Some memes use Hazbin Hotel and Twomad’s death as a source of humor.

Some of Twomad’s fans made memes about him visiting Hazbin Hotel to honor his legacy and cope with their grief.

These memes are not to disrespect him but to celebrate his life and humor.

For example, there’s a meme called Hi twomad! Welcome to the Hazbin hotel!

This shows a screenshot of Charlie, the princess of Hell, welcoming a new arrival, implying that Twomad died and went to Hell.

twomad hazbin hotel
A Fan made a meme on Twomad and Hazbin Hotel.

Next, A stranger in a brand-new place meme shows a drawing of Twomad in Hazbin Hotel style, referencing a song from the show.

Moreover, Hazbin Hotel memes use Hazbin Hotel content, some of which include Twomad as a character or a reference.

Continue reading to learn Twomad’s Last Overwatch.

Reaction Of Twomad Fans And Followers

His fans and followers reacted to his memes and jokes with laughter, admiration, or curiosity.

They often commented on his videos or tweets, expressing amusement, appreciation, or confusion.

They also shared his memes and jokes with others, spreading them across different platforms and communities.

Some of his memes and jokes became viral, attracting more attention and views to his content and Hazbin Hotel.

For example, his meme, welcome to Hazbin Hotel, received over 800,000 views on YouTube and over 20,000 likes on Twitter.

His meme, replacing him as Angel Dust with James Charles, received over 300,000 views on YouTube and over 10,000 likes on Twitter.

twomad in heaven
A fan-made meme about Twomad in Heaven.

What Is Twomad Accused Of After His Death?

After Twomad’s death, there are accusations of several crimes and controversies on him, such as:

  1. Sexual assault and stalking of a cosplayer named Goldibell.
  2. Attempted murder of another YouTuber named Jameskii.
  3. Making inappropriate and offensive comments about a trans girl who was a victim of a hate crime.
  4. Being a rapist and a pedophile.

People who claimed personal experiences or evidence of Twomad’s actions accused him.

However, these are allegations and not facts; he was never convicted of any crime, and he denied some of the accusations before he died.

Therefore, you should be careful not to spread false or misleading information about him or anyone else.

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