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Dreamlight Valley Piranha: An Ingredient In Recipes

Dreamlight Valley Piranha is a fish that inhabits the Lagoon area in the Wild Tangle.

Piranha, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, is only available in a paid Extension Pass version of the game “A Rift In Time.

Dreamlight Valley Piranha helps to regain energy when consumed. Additionally, you can use this fish as an ingredient in cooked meals.
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What Is Dreamlight Valley Piranha?

Dreamlight Valley Piranha is a colorful fish and is added to the Eternity Isle Fish Collection upon collection.

Dreamlight Valley Piranha
Piranha is an ingredient to increase your energy.

This fish sells at the price of 1300 and upon consumption increases your energy by 1900.

Moreover, Piranha is also an ingredient in recipes to cook Piquant Piranha Soup in A Rift In Time Expansion.

Where To Find Dreamlight Valley Piranha?

You can find Piranha at the bed of a waterfall in the Lagoon area, which is on the northeast side of Wild Tangle on the map.

Wild Tangle, a new addition to the expansion A Rift in Time, lies to the east side of Eternity Isle.

To get the Piranha, first you need a fishing rod to catch this fish then head to the point on the map.

Waterfall near Lagoon in Dreamlight Valley
Waterfall near Lagoon in Dreamlight Valley, where you can catch Piranha.

Then, when you see the orange ripples in the water, you should lay the hook and you can easily catch the Piranha.

Sometimes the ripples are not seen in the water. In this case, you must wait until it appears and then go for it.

Piranha As An Ingredient

In the Dreamlight Valley, the first major DLC expansion was launched on December 5, introducing a new area Eternity Isle.

This newly added land has many new ingredients, offering players to explore and master 125 new meals, each requiring distinct recipes.

Similarly, under the “ENTRÉES” section of the game’s recipes, one notable item is the “Piquant Piranha Soup.

To craft this flavorful soup, players must gather specific ingredients: piranha, chili pepper, and bamboo.

In the in-game kitchen, players can seamlessly prepare the Piquant Piranha Soup by combining these ingredients.

Dreamlight valley in-game kitchen
Player making soup in the kitchen.

This addition enhances the culinary dimension of the gameplay, allowing players to engage in the kitchen.

Hence, they can immerse themselves in the experience of creating unique and delectable dishes within Dreamlight Valley.

The Bottom Line

Piranha, exclusive to the users who have paid for the Extension Pass of “A Rift In Time,” resides in the Lagoon area.

As an energy booster and vital in crafting Piquant Piranha Soup, Dreamlight Valley Piranha enhances culinary exploration.

Therefore, it enriches player experiences in the newly introduced Eternity Isle and makes the game quite fun and interesting.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with an abundance of knowledge about the Piranha Fish.

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