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Explore Everything About Timeless Tools In Dreamlight Valley

Players are curious about how to use the Timeless Tools to complete the Timeless Treasure Quest in Disney DreamLight Valley.

In the Timeless Treasure quest, you will meet Merlin who will give you insights on the Timeless Tools in the game.

In the Timeless Treasure quest in Dreamlight Valley, you must use tools like Royal Hourglass and Time bending table to find hidden treasures for crafting furniture in Eternity Isle. 

Continue reading to learn more about completing a timeless treasure quest using Timeless Tools in Dreamlight Valley.

The Timeless Treasure Quest In DreamLight Valley

In Disney Deamlight Valley, A rift in time expansion introduces a new quest to find timeless treasure using Timeless Tools.

The Timeless Treasure quest is a village project that you must complete in this new DLC with the help of your Timeless Tool.

In this quest, you can learn more about Royal Hourglass that you found earlier in the game.

In addition, you must find Merlin and talk to him to start the timeless quest.

When you talk to Merlin, you can ask him about Royal Hourglass and how it works.

Hence, Royal Hourglass will help you discover all the mysteries of the Eternity Isle.

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The Timeless Treasure Tools In Disney DreamLight Valley

The Timeless Treasure Tool in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is the magical Royal Hourglass.

The Royal Hourglass is one of the unique timeless treasure tools that you can use to find hidden treasures on the island.

Furthermore, you can just lift the Hourglass and scan any hidden treasure in the area.

royal hourglass
Use the Royal Hourglass Timeless Tool to find hidden treasures on the island.

Besides, you can use this Timeless Tool to craft furniture, bridges, etc in the Time bending table.

To obtain the Royal Hourglass, you must complete Jafar’s quest, The Flying Metal Nuisance, Goofy’s Quest, Give Me a Sign, and Scrooge McDuck’s Quest, Condemned Building Sign.

Obtain Mist For Royal Hourglass 

The Royal Hourglass uses the Mist that helps you repair spots where time has broken in Eternity Island.

To obtain more Mist, you must keep using the Royal Hourglass tool and uncover more of Eternity Island.

The mist in the Royale hourglass is useful for fixing the time rifts around the Isle and making your Hourglass more powerful.

Hence, the more you obtain the mist, the more it will repair your hourglass and make it robust.

What Is A Time Bending Table In Eternity Island?

In the Timeless Treasure quest, you must also uncover the magic of Timebending tables.

The Time bending table is also a Timeless Tool where you can find old items that were previously on Eternity Isle.

Furthermore, the table will teach you how to reconstruct items with other materials you find using the Royal Hourglass.

Hence, you must construct furniture in the Timebinding table to obtain more mist and make your Timeless Tool more powerful.

timebending table
You can use the time-bending table to craft any furniture by searching for materials on the island.

In addition, you can get the Time-bending table from Merlin and place it near him on the island.

After this, you must use the table to craft any furniture of your choice on the island.

However, you must gather the materials required to craft furniture by exploring the Eternity Isle.

To search for the materials for crafting furniture, you must use your Royale Hourglass.

1. The Timeless Treasure Quest To Craft Furniture

Go around the island and look for pieces you need for furniture with your Royal Hourglass Timeless Tool.

After you find the material, you will eventually find the Mysterious Time Rift.

You must channel the magical mist within the time rift to mend the wound in time and space.

When you are successful in channeling the magical mist, you can explore another part of Ancient’s landing known as The Overlook.

2. Craft Furniture With The Royal Hourglass 

You can find new crafting tools like Decorative ancient doors, ancient gear corner tiles, ancient gear tiles, etc. with the hourglass.

Hence, after collecting the treasures for crafting furniture, you must go back to the Timebending table.

FURNITURE royal hourglass
Craft decorative ancient door furniture with the help of the royal hourglass and time-bending table.

With the help of your Royale Hourglass and the time-bending table, you must make a decorative ancient door.

Once you complete the task, you must return to Merlin, who will conclude the Timeless treasure quest for you.

The Bottom Line

You must wander around the Eternity Isle to complete the timeless treasure quest with the help of Hourglass and a time-bending table.

The process of collecting materials for crafting furniture is a challenging task but you can repair your Hourglass by collecting Mist in this quest.

Hence, enjoy the realm of Eternity Isle and use your hourglass to fix the time rifts around the Isle.

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