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How To Farm Earthen Wound In Diablo 4?

Earthen Wound is typically a dungeon in the Diablo game series and is home to many cannibals.

It can be found in the region of Hawezar, and the ultimate boss of this dungeon is Chief Marauder.

The further deeply you go, the more ghosts the dungeon welcomes you with, and the more cannibals emerge.

You can unlock the Aspect of Singed Extremities by completing the Earthen Wound Dungeon in Hawezar. Furthermore, you’ll run into cannibals, ghosts, and monsters, and you should be able to farm an Earthen Wound quickly.

Continue reading the article to learn more about Earthen Wounds, their location, and where to farm it.

What Is Earthen Wound In Diablo 4?

Earthen Wound is a dungeon in Diablo 4 that you can explore to get aspects that are special abilities for your class. 

The first room in this dungeon is particularly intriguing because your goal is to open corpse gates.

Additionally, you should break down these gates, which are defenses set up by the cannibals living in the deeper parts of the dungeon.

Several cannibals will spawn as you destroy them to protect their territory, so be prepared to deal with them all.

earthen wound diablo 4
 You can explore Earthen Wound to get aspects for your class.

Location Of Earthen Wound

The Umir Plateau in Hawezar is where you may locate the Earthen Wound Dungeon.

This dungeon’s entrance is located just southwest of Zarbinzet, the nation of Hawezar’s capital.

Also, you can visit this area at any moment, although if you choose the main story path, it might take some time to get there.

The first region of the Hawezar zone shouldn’t have any issues with swarming.

However, other things here could be problematic, like the Flesh Mauler, which can leave you stunned for an extended period.

Moreover, it takes a little bit of time to finish the Earthen Wound Dungeon.

In the meantime, you must first take out three corpse gates.

Earthen Wound Location
Howezar zone is where you can find Earthen Wounds and farm them.

After that, you must fill the Animus Urn with Animus you collected from Animus Carriers.

To do this, you can eliminate enemies, which fills the Urn’s bar slightly.

Once the bar is complete, defeating the dungeon boss, Chief Marauder, would be best.

These kinds of dungeons can be effective XP farms and treasure troves.

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How To Farm Earthen Wound In Diablo 4?

Earthen Wound is attractive if you’re searching for a quick and simple way to farm Animus and experience.

Farming Earthen Wound is a comparatively quick and straightforward dungeon.

Also, it is a fantastic spot to farm for specific things and a good place to get experience and Animus.

Here are some tips and ideas to farm Earthen Wounds.

  • Use a build that helps you manage crowds, making it easier for you to defeat the many enemies in the dungeon.
  • Give Chief Marauder a ranged weapon which will make dodging his assaults simpler.
  • Make use of a sigil that raises your damage or survival. You’ll be able to exit the dungeon more swiftly and simply if you do this.
  • Farm Earthen Wound on the Hell or Nightmare difficulties to get better rewards.

Additionally, please take a look below at the rankings for solo, group, glyph leveling, and high-tier farming in the Nightmare/Torment Earthen Wound Dungeon.

  • S Tier for Solo
  • B Tier for Glyph
  • C Tier for High Level
  • C Tier for Group

The Bottom Line

In Diablo 4, the Earthen Wound Dungeon is a quick and simple way to level up and gather XP.

This dungeon is a valuable source of resources for high-level players because they can complete it as often as they want.

Hence, you must take Animus from Animus Carriers, smash three corpse gates, and remove Chief Marauder to farm Earthen Wound.

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