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How To Find The Black Pawn Stamp In Remnant 2?

The Black Pawn Stamp is one of the rings in Remnant 2 that possess remarkable properties.

Moreover, it helps you reduce skills’ cooldowns by 10%.

You can get a Black Pawn Stamp ring by solving the Flames Puzzle with all blue flames in the Great Hall or Council Chamber.

Continue reading to know more about Black Pawn Stamp, where and how to find it.

What Is Black Pawn Stamp In Remnant 2?

Rings in Remnant 2 are essential accessories to boost your gameplay.

The rings will provide you with rewards just by wearing them.

Similarly, in the new update, you can wear four rings simultaneously and use their powers simultaneously.

Black Pawn Stamp in Remnant 2 is one of those rings with exceptional properties.

This helps you reduce skills’ cooldowns by 10% in the game.

Moreover, it is a coveted ring among the fae, associated with cheating and cunning.

black pawn stamp rings remnant2
Black Pawn Stamp Ring in Remnant 2.

Location Of Black Pawn Stamp Ring 

You can find Black Pawn Stamp ring in the following ways in different locations.

  • You can find the Black Pawn Stamp ring by competing in the Flames event using only blue flames.
  • Additionally, you can trade it with merchants or craft it with the required materials.
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How To Find The Black Pawn Stamp In Remnant 2?

To find the Black Pawn Stamp, you must solve the Flames Puzzle in the Great Hall or the Council Chamber.

The Puzzle involves shooting at flames to change their colors.

Here are the steps to get the Black Pawn Stamp.

By Competing In The Flames Event

Here are some steps to find the Black Pawn Stamp by competing in the Flames event. 

  1. Enter a large rectangular room Losomn with torches with blue or white flames.
  2. Shoot at the flames on the right and left to change the colors.
  3. Shooting at the left torches will change it to the opposite color, whereas, on the right side, it will change into the one being shot at.
  4. Make all the flames blue, and a door will open at the end of the room.
  5. On the other hand, if you turn all the flames white, you will get the White Pawn Stamp ring.
  6. Only after all the flames turn blue you will find the Black Pawn Stamp ring.
  7. Once the door at the end of the room opens, you can get the Black Pawn Stamp ring there.
The flames event
 You can find Black Pawn Stamp in the Flames Event in Losomn.

The Bottom Line

The Black Pawn Stamp ring is a crucial accessory to boost your gameplay, reducing skill cooldowns by 10%.

You can obtain it by participating in the Flames Event using blue flames.

Furthermore, you can use the Black Pawn Stamp to take over enemies and excel in Remnant 2.

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