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Discovering Easy Stash In OSRS

Getting an easy Stash in Old School RuneScape(OSRS) is extremely tricky but not impossible.

However, the Stash is unavailable for the free-to-play players in the game.

There are 29 accessible Easy Stash units in Old School RuneScape(OSRS). All the Shash will require at least ten nails, 250 and must reach at least 27 levels.

Continue reading to explore easy stash locations in OSRS.

Easy Stash In OSRS

Stash, also known as Store Things And Stuff Here, allows players to store items.

The Stash also assists in saving bank space and trips for the Treasure Trails players.

There are over a hundred Stash in RORS for the players’ convenience.

Moreover, the materials and level also differ for the build of the Stash; however, the hammer and saw a compulsion.

Also, players need a total of ten nails to build the Stash units so that the cheapest option will work.

For the Easy Stash, players must have two teak planks, level 27, and an exp of 250.

easy stash osrs
Reach level 27 and build the easy Stash.

There are 20 easy Stash units, which need a total experience of 435O.

Additionally, if players have the crystal saw for +3 invisible boost in the unit.

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Easy Stash In OSRS

Here is the list of a few Easy Stash among the 29 of them in OSRS,

1. Lumbridge Swamp

Players can find the Hole Easy Stash near the Shed in the Lumbridge Swamp after entering Zanaris.

To build the Stash, players must have a bronze dagger, an iron full helm and a gold ring.

2. Limestone Mine

Players should find their way to the Silvera mine northeast of the Lumber yard to get the Stash.

easy stash osrs
Head to the northeast of the Lumber yard to find the Easy Stash.

In this Rock Stash, players must have bronze platelets, steel pickaxe and steel med helm.

3. Legend’s Guild

To extract the Legend’s Guild Stash, players must have iron platelets, an emerald amulet and an oak longbow.

Players must head to the market and head to the east. just outside of the location.

4. Lumber Yard

Another Easy Stash is found near the Sawmill Operator outside of the Yard.

In this Stash, players must need a hardleather body, leather chaps and a bronze axe.

5. Draynor Village

Players can find the fifth Easy Stash near the bench in the Dragon Village market.

For the build, players must have studded chaps, iron kiteshield and steel longsword.

6. Port Sarim 

One of the Easy Stash is also found in the Entrenara Ferry.

To get access to Easy Stash, players will need coil, steel plateskirt and sapphire necklace.

7. Grand Exchange

The next Easy Stash is just opposite the Grand Exchange on the right side of the wall.

To explore the Stash, players must have a pink skirt, pink robe tob, and a body tiara.

The Bottom Line

For every Stash in OSRS, a player must have at least ten nails and two planks, depending upon the Stash nature.

However, players will need multiple items to unlock every Stash, including the emeralds and pickaxe.

Moreover, to get every 87 items, players must spend over 150,000 coins.

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