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Wyll Exclamation Point In BG3: How To Avoid It?

Some players have encountered a Wyll Exclamation Point in BG3, a bug that prevents them from progressing their personal quest.

This can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you want to see how his story unfolds.

To avoid Wyll Exclamation Point, a bug in BG3, you must avoid reading a letter from a dead zealot of the Absolute that triggers a dialogue with Wyll.

This article will explain how to avoid this bug and what to do if you already have it. 

Who Is Wyll In BG3?

Wyll is one of the many characters you can romance in Baldur’s Game 3.

He has a distinctive eye that glows with infernal power.

Furthermore, he is a human warlock with a pact with a devil named Mizora, who grants him supernatural powers.

He is known as the Blade of Frontiers, a heroic monster hunter who defends the Sword Coast from evil threats.

Furthermore, he can be recruited as a party member in Druid Grove, where he teaches children how to fight.

Wyll baldurs gate 3
Wyll is a human warlock with a pact with a devil named Mizora.

What Is Wyll Exclamation Point In BG3?

An exclamation point in BG3 is a symbol that indicates that a character has something new or important to say.

This bug causes Wyll to have an exclamation mark on his head.

 It indicates that he has something new to say, but when you talk to him, he repeats the same dialogue options as before.

Moreover, it usually appears over the heads of companions or NPCs when they have a quest update, a reaction to an event, or a personal matter to discuss.

Is Wyll Exclamation A Bug In BG3?

Yes, Wyll’s exclamation point in BG3 is a bug.

A bug in BG3 causes Wyll to have a permanent exclamation point over his head, even after talking to him.

This can be annoying and confusing for players wanting to know what Wyll says.

The bug is triggered by reading a letter from a dead zealot of the Absolute, which prompts Wyll to comment on it.

However, the letter does not reveal anything new or relevant to Wyll’s story, and reading it is unnecessary for his quest progression.

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How To Avoid Wyll Exclamation A Bug In BG3?

To avoid this bug, players should not read the letter from the dead zealot of the Absolute, or at least not in Wyll’s presence.

Alternatively, players can use mods or console commands to remove the exclamation point from Wyll.

Likewise, it may have unintended consequences or affect game stability.

However, some possible console commands may help remove exclamation points from Wyll.


  • God: Turn on God Mode; type it again to turn it off
  • Peace on/off: Turn on Peace Mode, and type it again to turn it off
  • Kill: Kill selected target
  • Remove: Remove the selected target

However, game developers do not officially support these methods, which may cause errors or glitches.

If you have already read the letter, you can start a long rest and talk to Wyll before going to sleep.

Alternatively, you can try to use the console commands to reset his quest state or wait for an official patch from the developers.

The Bottom Line

Wyll is a fascinating companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, who has a lot of potential for romance and friendship.

However, an exclamation mark can bug his personal quest and prevent you from advancing his dialogue.

You can avoid this bug by saving and reloading the game before talking to him or by using a mod that fixes the issue. 

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