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Elite Stash In OSRS: Build Guide

Elite is one of the six Stash players who can build in Old School RuneScape(OSRS).

It is among the most challenging stashs to build, just behind the Master Stash.

To build the Elite Stash in OSRS, players must reach level 77 and extract the location. Further, depending on the Stash area, they will need two mahogany planks, ten nails, and a few items.

Continue reading to explore Elite Stash and items to build it on Old School RuneScape.

What Is Elite Stash In OSRS?

Stash are the secret bunkers to store the clue items to free up space for the players, making it convenient for bank trips.

Building every Stash in the game varies according to difficulty level, items, and game progression.

Players should reach level 77 with the construction skill to build the Elite Stash Unit.

Elite Stash OSRS
Reach level 77 and search the Elite Stash.

Moreover, players should have 600 experience points for a single Elite Stash.

There are a total of 17 Elite Stash units players can build, which is just two more than Hard Stash.

Like every Stash Unit, the initial build requirement for the Elite Stash is also ten nails.

Thankfully, players can use nails of any kind and use them without wasting them as they do not bend.

Further, players will require two mahogany planks, which exceed 8000 credits.

Players should also invest 41 unique items to unlock all the Elite Stash, depending on the mining location.

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How To Build Elite Stash In OSRS?

Here are the locations and items essential for the build of the Elite Stash Unit in OSRS;

1. West Ardougne

Players can access one of the Elite Stashs in the West Ardougne, which is only accessible after progressing in the Plague City mission.

In the area, players should search for the Chapel and make an entrance.

Further, players should also use Dragon Spear and Red Dragonhide Chaps.

2. Guild Bank

The following location to extract the Elite Stash is in the Bank of Warrior’s Guild.

After entering the bank, players should search the second room on the left, which has a red carpet.

Elite Stash OSRS
Head inside the red room with red carpet for the elite stash build.

Thankfully, players will only be required to wield Black Salamander to search the inconspicuous Elite Stash.

3. Trowlliwess Mountain

Players can also find the Elite Shash in the Trowlliwess Mountain; however, locating it is pretty tricky.

Initially, players must search for the Trowliwess Flower area and discover a Cave Entrance.

While walking, players will find the Hole at the end of the cave and use it to reach the slide slope and, finally, the Elite Stash.

Additionally, players should use Blue Dragonhead Vambraces, Dragon Spear and Rune Plateskirt.

4. Fountain Of Heroes

After exploring the Fountain of Heroes in Heroes Guild, located just across the Guild Bank, players will find a teleportation hole.

Use the hole to reach the next destination, and later search for a crevice to locate the Stash finally in a closed zone.

Stash Old School RuneScape
Use the Crevice to reach the hole Elite Stash.

Players will need three unique items: Rune Longsword, Splitbark Legs and Dragon Boots for the unit.

5. Damis Cave

Players can find the unit in the Damis Cave Entrance in the Shadow Dungeon but must have a Ring of Invisibility to climb the ladder.

Moreover, players will need three unique items, Rune CrossBow, Mitre and Climbing Boots. 

Players can find other Elite Stash in locations including, Hosidius, Fight Arena Bar, Shayzien and Edgeville Monastery.

The Bottom Line

Building an Elite Stash is extremely hard due to the difficulty rating, item cost and level requirement.

But if players have credits just above a million, they can build every possible Hard Stash in the OSRS.

However, players should keep in mid the Stash does not apply to free-to-play users.

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