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How To Build Hard Stash In OSRS?

Hard Stash is among the six diffrent stashes in the Old School Rune Scape(OSRS).

However, building the Stash is tricky compared to Beginner, Medium and Easy Stash.

Players must have ten nails and two tea planks to build the Hard Stash in Old School Rune Scape. Later, players must have two or three items depending on the Stash location.

Continue reading to explore Hard Stash units and the items to build them in OSRS.

What Is Hard Stash Units?

Every Stash unit helps players to store emote items that save space for mainly Treasure Trails players.

Unfortunatley, free-to-play players cannot use any  Stash units in OSRS.

There are different Stash Units: Beginner, Hard, Elite, Medium, Master and Easy Stash.

Players can build a total of 109 Stash units, whereas Hard Stash occupies 15 units.

All Stash units, including the Hard Stash, require ten nails for the build; however, the plank type can differ due to Stash difficulty.

Players will require two tea planks to build Hard Stash and reach at least 55 levels. 

hard stash osrs bandit camp
Progress to level 55 to build the Hard Stash.

Additionally, players must have 400 experience points for a single build making, 6000 experience in total.

However, the item requirement will also change depending on the location of the Hard Stash.

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Hard Stash Units In OSRS

Here are a few of the Hard Stash unit’s locations and the requirements of the item, 

1. Chaos Temple

To reach the first Stash units, players must visit the Wilderness and open the map.

Further, players should head towards the Chaos Temple’s eastern wall.

chaos temple stash
Rach the eastern wall of Chaos Temple.

Players will require three items for the Stash: Rune Platelegs, Iron Platelegs and Blue Dragonhide Vrambraces.

2. Bandit Camp

The second Hard Stash unit is also indie in the Wilderness location: Bandit Camp.

After players reach the Bandt Camp, they should search for a Shop.

Later, invest in Adamant Square Shield, Blue Dragonhide Vrambraces, and Rune Pickaxe.

3. Volcano

Players can also find another Volcano stash near the Rogue’s Castle in the Wilderness.

For the Stash, players should only have a Headband and a Crozier.

4. Lighthouse

Another Stash unit is available in the Lighthouse, located north of Barbarian Outpost.

lighthouse hard stash osrs
Reach the top of the Lighthouse.

The unit is on the top floor and requires Blue Dragonhide Vrambraces and Blue Dragonhide Body.

5. Jiggig 

Players can locate another Hard rock Stash Unit in the desert: Jiggig.

Further, the player should go to the dungeon entrance, where players will see undead roaming.

Players should search for rocks in the area and provide Rune Spear, Rune Platelegs and Rune Heraldic Helm.

Other Hard Stash In OSRS

Players can find other Stash Units, including Fishing Guild, Mountain Camp, Shilo Village, Agility Pyramid and Sophanem.

Players shall also require two to three items, which differ from location.

Some items required are Rune Spear, Stole, Rune Boots, Power of Amulet and Ring of Life.

Among all the Stash units, the one in the Agility pyramid is of credits costing more than 140,000 for the build.

Players must have Mystic Robe Top and Rune Heraldic Shield in this unit.

The Bottom Line

Building a Hard Stash is more straightforward than the Elite and Master Stash Units.

When players progress through, earn more credits and reach level 55, they can quickly build the Hard Stash.

However, players must invest loads of currency, i.e., almost 6,60,000, for the items and extract the locations carefully.

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