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BeastMaster Class In Enshrouded: Unlock The Eagle Eye Ability

In Enshrouded, Beastmaster belongs to the green class, which is considered one of the best classes within the game.

There are several classes and skill sets for players to experience within the enshrouded game realm to find their best class.

In Enshrouded, the Beastmaster class emphasizes resilience against poisons and allows one to develop a connection with wild creatures.

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Available Classes In Enshrouded

Talking about the classes in enshrouded, there are three different color paths in its skill tree: Red, Blue, and Green.

Likewise, all of these colored paths contain different classes based on their properties and characteristics.

However, all of these classes present unique troops for players such as warriors, rogue ninjas, and wizards.

Players should choose among these classes and skill trees before embarking on their journey to become the best warrior in Enshrouded.

Moreover, these classes are categorized based on the three biggest components: physical damage, stamina consumption, and mana consumption.

Here are the details of all the available classes in Enshrouded:

  • Green / Stamina Class: Survivor, BeastMaster, Ranger and Assassin
  • Blue/ Mana Class: Trickster, Wizard, Healer, and Battlemage
  • Red/ Strength Class: Tank, Warrior, Barbarian, and Athlete

Within these classes, the BeastMaster class falls under the Dexterity class which is also known as the Blue class.

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What Is BeastMaster Class In Enshrouded?

In the treacherous realm of Enshrouded, players must master several classes to become the formidable warrior.

Among these classes, Beast Master is the unique class archetype resembling a deep connection with creatures in Enshrouded.

Similarly, the Beastmaster archetype belongs to the category of Dexterity classes that display agility and versatility.

Alongside Survivor, Ranger, and Assasin, the Beastmaster allows players a dynamic adapt during the fierce battles.

Beastmaster Class In Enshrouded
A Beastmaster is gliding in the sky and traveling towards the Forest to tame Wild Creatures.

Subsequently, the beast master allows players to blend their physical powers with the formidable creatures of the Enshrouded.

Choosing Beastmaster as their initial skill tree allows players to embark on a journey to master the wilderness of Enshrouded.

Likewise, players can use their skill points to invest in abilities to enhance poison resistance and communicate with wild animals.

Beastmaster Class even allows players to summon nearby creatures to aid them in a battle, displaying a bond between the player and nature.

BeastMaster Class: Playstyle And Tactics

After choosing BeastMaster as their class, it is necessary to understand its playstyle and tactics for performing better in the game.

Similarly, while opting for the BeastMaster Class in Enshrouded, it’s essential to learn their combat style.

Pro Beastmaster Class players thrive on their spontaneous nature and their combat style reflects a calculated strategy and fast response.

Beastmaster Fighting In Enshrouded
A professional Beastmaster is conquering the jungle with its companions in Enshrouded.

Players should also focus on utilizing the Clam Spirit Skill that allows players to tame the wild animals in their journey.

Moreover, one of the most defining features of the BeastMaster class is its ability to interact with diverse fauna inhabited in Enshrouded.

Players can tame almost every creature in the Wildlife, ranging from woodland creatures to normal animals like foxes, wolves, etc.

Through patient observation, players can recruit their desired creature as a companion to accompany them.

Journey To Become A Pro Beastmaster

Players must practice continuously to thrive on their journey and become the best BeastMaster in Enshrouded.

However, mastering the Beastmaster Class is not an easy task as it requires dedication, patience, and a deep connection with the wilderness.

Players must be prepared to face the difficult challenges during this journey that test their originality.

Nevertheless, players can master the Beastmaster class by embracing the unpredictable nature of the jungle.

Players should focus on developing relationships with the animal kingdom to reach the pinnacle of power and prestige as a BeastMaster.

Moreover, upon becoming the Pro BeastMaster, players can finally unlock the Eagle Eye feature that allows them to increase zoom for range attacks.

Similarly, players can only unlock this ability while using the range attackers like Ranger or Beastmaster.

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