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Explore Ironborough Secrets And Unlock Them In Remnant 2

Ironborough combines industrial and medieval architecture with clock towers, factories, and castles.

Moreover, this city is full of traps, puzzles, and secrets you can discover as you explore.

In Remnant 2, Ironborough is a Losomn city where the old Dran and Fae realms merged. Players can discover and unlock some secrets by solving the Orphanage Quest, Clock Tower Quest and more.

Continue reading to explore the Ironborough secrets and the ways to unlock them.

What Is Ironborough In Remnant 2?

Ironborough is a location in Remnant 2,  where humanity battles The Root, a mysterious evil.

Ironborough is a city in Losomn, where the old Dran and Fae realms merged, blending technology and magic.

The Dran were a technologically advanced species that destroyed themselves by entering a black hole.

remnant 2 ironborough
Ironborough is a city in Losomn.

Moreover, the Fae were a magical species that lived in harmony with nature and tried to communicate with The Root.

However, the Root corrupted Ironborough and its inhabitants, turning them into twisted creatures.

Contrarily, Ironborough is a place of mystery and danger, where secrets, enemies, allies, and treasures await the player.

How To Unlock The Ironborough Secrets In Remnant 2?

Ironborough has some secrets that can be discovered by the player, such as:

  • The Clock Tower
  • The Orphanage
  • The Manticora From The Drain
  • The Hidden Workshop
  • The Iron Maiden Boss Fight

To unlock the Ironborough secrets in Remnant 2, you will need to do the following:

1. The Clock Tower

You will need to obtain the Magic Quill and the Clockwork Pinion.

The Magic Quill can also be obtained by completing the Council Chamber quest in Brocwithe Quarter.

Moreover, the Clockwork Pinion can be obtained by solving a riddle in Lemark District.

Solving a riddle in Lemark District.

Moreover, the riddle is: What time is it when the clock tower strikes thirteen?, The answer is 1:00.

Next, you must input this time on a clock found in Lemark District. 

Therefore, once you have both items, you can access the Clock Tower from Hewdas Clock checkpoint and activate the clock mechanism to get the Broken Timepiece.

2. The Orphanage

 You will need to find a hidden passage in Brocwithe Quarter.

The passage is behind a bookshelf in a house near the Brocwithe Square checkpoint.

However, you must use the Magic Quill to reveal a hidden door.

orphanage quest. remnant 2 ironborough
Complete the Orphanage Quest

Inside the passage, you will find the Orphanage, a dark and creepy place that holds the tragic story of the children who lived there.

Therefore, you will  encounter a boss fight with Barghest the Vile, a monstrous creature that was once a human child

3. The Manticora From The Drain

You will need to stand on a drain in Ironborough for the Manticora from the Drain secret.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which drain will trigger the event, so you must try your luck.

However, if you stand on a drain with a Manticora, it will drag you to its lair, where you will have to fight it. 

Therefore, this Manticora is not different from the normal ones.

Moreover, it will drop a Philosopher’s Stone, a valuable item that can be used for crafting or upgrading equipment.

Manticora from the drain is one of the secrets.

4. The Hidden Workshop

The Hidden Workshop is a secret area you can access in the Losomn world after defeating the Nightweaver boss.

Generally, to find it, you must go back to the Asylum dungeon and look for a hidden switch on a wall near a staircase.

 Next, the switch will open a secret door that leads to the workshop, where you can find a powerful weapon called the Melded Blade.

melded blade. remnant 2 ironborough
The Melded Blade is a powerful weapon.

Therefore, this is a melee weapon that can shoot projectiles and has a unique ability to teleport behind enemies and slash them. 

5. The Iron Maiden Boss Fight

The Iron Maiden Boss Fight is a secret challenge in the N’Erud world that you can access by pulling a hidden lever in the Alepsis-Taura area.

The lever opens a portal to a dark dungeon where you face the Iron Maiden, a metal woman with spikes and fireballs.

Further, the Iron Maiden is adamant and fast, so you need to dodge her attacks and hit her weak spots.

However, if you defeat her, you get the Iron Maiden’s Heart, a rare item you can use to craft a robust armor set.

Moreover, the armor set gives you Fire damage, resistance, and skill to summon spikes around you.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 is a game that rewards curiosity and exploration, so don’t be afraid to try new things and see what happens.

Additionally, more secrets may not be discovered yet, so feel free to explore and share your findings with other players. 

Continue reading to explore Oracles refuge, Hardened Iron and Bow build in Remnant 2.
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