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How To Build A Campfire In Enshrouded? Igniting The Flame And Cooking

Many players are curious about how to build a campfire in Enshrouded on various gaming communities and forums.

Enshrouded is a captivating open-world RPG game in the mystical world of Embervale that presents exciting challenges.

In Enshrouded, players should learn how to build a campfire to utilize the power of the Flame that comes in handy during many events.

Continue reading to learn more about how to build a campfire in Enshrouded.

Step By Step Guide To Build Campfire In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, players must complete several quests and challenges to progress forward in the game.

As a flameborn warrior, players must explore different regions of the map to craft the bases, battle enemies, and utilize their resources.

Among the several skills learning how to build a campfire is one crucial skill that players must learn to survive in this realm.

Campfire In Enshrouded
Players can build the campfire in Enshrouded by collecting the materials like fibers, wood logs, and stones.

Campfire allows players to cook their food in the game, and cook any meat obtained from animals to have a higher energy level.

Moreover, players can also get valuable resources like Tar from the burnt campfire in Enshrouded.

Subsequently, you can build a campfire in Enshrouded by following some series of essential steps.

Here are the steps you must follow to build a campfire in Enshrouded:

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1. Gathering Twigs And Fiber

Before you start to build a campfire in Enshrouded, it’s essential to obtain some valuable resources.

To begin the collecting, players should explore the vast realm of Enshrouded to collect the Twigs and plant Fibers.

Collecting Plant Fiber In Enshrouded
A player is collecting Plant Fiber to build a campfire In Enshrouded.

These are the key resources to build a campfire successfully in Enshrouded.

Thus, explore the different areas and focus on collecting the twigs and plant fiber to build a successful campfire successfully.

2. Collect Stones

Upon collecting the Twigs and Plant Fiber, players should proceed to the next step.

The next step involves collecting the stones from the Enshrouded’s realm.

Similarly, stone serves as a foundation for crafting essential items in Enshrouded.

As you prepare to build a campfire in the game, prioritize collecting the stones by exploring the different areas of the map.

3. Craft String

After you collect the required materials such as twigs, fiber, and stone, players should craft the string.

The string is a material that binds several items together, so craft the string to bind your resources for building the campfire.

Thus, crafting the string allows you to construct your campfire successfully by binding your campfire together.

4. Craft An Axe Or PickAxe

Now, players should craft the Axe by using several resources to collect the wood needed for their campfire.

Axe is one of the most versatile tools in Enshrouded, that assists in various activities in the game.

Similarly, Axe not only aids in cutting down the trees to obtain wood but also helps in other various tasks.

Thus, you should craft an axe or a pickaxe for building the campfire in Enshrouded.

Here is the list of resources that are necessary for crafting the Axe or a Pickaxe in the game.

  • 8x Twigs
  • 2x Stone
  • 2x String

However, players can craft both axe and pickaxe by using the same recipes, so choose the one you are more comfortable with.

5.  Harvesting The Wood Logs

Players can proceed to cut down the trees to obtain the wood logs after successfully crafting their Axe.

Similarly, equip your newly crafted Axe or A Pickaxre and venture into the wilderness to cut down the trees in Enshrouded.

You can find Trees scattered throughout the landscape of Enshrouded, so choose one and begin to chop it down.

Use your axe to chop down the trees easily, and collect the woods to build a campfire in Enshrouded.

6. Igniting The Flame: Building A Campfire

Finally, with twigs, string, and wood logs in your inventory, players can easily craft the campfire in their base.

Similarly, combine all of these items and build a campfire in Enshrouded to create a source of warmth and light.

Furthermore, players can now cook a variety of delights using the campfire, which also provides warmth in the harsh environment of Enshrouded.

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