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Helldivers 2 For $12.49 On Steam: Figurality Or The Real Deal?

Figurality is a different game but rebrands its original name to Helldivers 2 on Steam.

Many people who are looking to buy Helldivers 2 are in a dilemma due to the two different prices on Steam.

While some players are excited to get Helldivers 2 at such a low price, some are suspicious and question it.

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Is Helldivers 2 Selling For 12.49 USD On Steam?

In the big world of online games, there is a tricky situation for players looking to buy Helldivers 2.

When players try to look for Helldivers 2 on Steam, they get two results with completely different prices.

One Helldivers 2 game is selling for 12.49 USD while the other one is selling for 39.99 USD.

This is very confusing for many players as they do not see why is there such a big price difference for the same game.

Helldivers 2 or Figurality
Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter game and its developer is Arrowhead Game Studios.

Many people like discounts and get carried away quickly about the idea of grabbing the deal at half its price.

But this is the aspect that makes many people fall victim to deception and loss.

The Helldivers 2 on Steam going for 12.49 USD  is a different game called Figurality but not the actual Helldivers 2.

Hence, the original Helldivers 2 does not have any discount and is not selling for 12.49 USD on Steam.

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Weekend Deal Offer Deception: Helldivers 2 Or Figurality 

Many players report that when they surf through Steam, a weekend deal offer shows up for Helldivers 2 selling for 12.49$.

However, the original Helldivers 2 on Steam is officially selling for 39.99 USD.

The Super Citizen edition bundle of Helldivers 2 goes for 59.99 USD on Steam.

But, the Helldivers 2 is showing up as a weekend deal for less than half of the actual price.

Helldivers 2 price
You can buy the original Helldivers 2 for 39.99 USD on Steam.

As many people do not want to miss out on such a heavy discount, they end up buying the Helldivers 2 for 12.49 USD.

Hence, those who bought Helldivers 2 for 12.49 USD got ridiculously deceived only to find out it’s fake.

The weekend deal that offers Helldiverrs 2 for 12.49 USD is indeed exciting at first glance but turns out to be a huge deception.

Figurality Impersonating Helldivers 2 On Steam

Helldivers 2 has been able to gain rapid popularity since its release and is still gaining a large amount of players.

But, marking down its price lower than half of its initial price is surprising and suspicious to many.

If you review the Steam page of the Helldivers 2 selling for 12.49 USD, you can figure out it’s fake.

The game is not Helldivers 2 but is a different game called Figurality that is impersonating the identity of Helldiver 2.

1. Figuraility Rebranding Its Name

The fact that everyone is getting deceived is due to the Figurality game trying to present itself as Helldivers 2.

Figurality is using this trick to deceive players by taking advantage of the popularity and success of Helldivers 2.

As Figurality game is not popular at all, they are trying to sell their game by rebranding it to fool people into buying it.

By doing so, many players end up buying the fake Helldivers 2 for a cheaper price only to find out it’s fake.

2. Using The Same Developers Name

The original Helldivers 2 has a release date of 8th February 2024 on Steam.

You can also check the official developer and publisher of Helldivers 2 on Steam before buying the game.

Arrowhead Game Studios is the official developer and Playstation PC LLC is the official publisher of Helldivers 2.

Figurality impersonating Helldivers 2
Figurality game impersonates Helldivers 2 by copying its description, about section artwork etc on Steam.

But, the worst part is that Figurality has got the same artwork and the same section of Helldivers 2 on Steam.

Figurality has also listed the same developers and Publishers of the original Helldivers 2 on their Steam page.

Hence, the Figurality game is trying its best to deceive players and make them believe they are the original Helldivers 2.

3. Copying The Helldives 2 Description

Figurality is indeed increasing its sales from innocent buyers by riding on the coattails of the Helldivers 2 franchise.

Many players who spend their money to play the Helldivers 2 are the victims of deception and end up losing their money.

The Figurality game that is personating Helldivers 2 on Steam has surely put in a lot of effort to fool people.

They also have copied the whole description of the original Helldivers 2 on their Steam page.

4. Check Reviews Before Purchasing 

You must be very careful and aware before spending your money on fake Helldivers 2.

Figurality presents itself almost the same from the developer name to descriptions of Helldivers 2.

Hence, you must check the review section of the game’s page before buying it to avoid falling victim.

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