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Enshrouded East Lapis: The Quests Of The Weaver

In Enshrouded, you are a survivor in a world covered by the mysterious Shroud.

You have to craft, fight, and explore your way through different biomes, each with its own challenges and rewards.

East Lapis is one of the biomes, a peaceful and rural area with many resources, quests, and secrets to discover.

Continue reading to learn more about the East Lapis in Enshrouded.

East Lapis In Enshrouded

East Lapis is one of the eight biomes in Enshrouded.

It is located in the eastern part of the map, past the Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes.

Notably, you will need to unlock the glider and the grappling hook to access some areas of East Lapis.

Generally, these are two navigation tools you can craft and upgrade throughout the game.

Once activated, you can also use the Farmer Ancient Vault to travel fast to East Lapis.

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What Can You Find In East Lapis?

East Lapis is a lush and green area with many farms, settlements, and ancient ruins.

Generally, it has a peaceful and rural atmosphere, contrasted with the dark and dangerous Shroud surrounding it.

Moreover, you can find various resources, quests, and secrets in East Lapis, such as:

1. Resources

You can gather plants, animals, minerals, and fabrics in East Lapis, which you can use to craft items, weapons, armor, and potions.

However, some resources are rare and valuable, such as the Lapis Flower, the Golden Fleece, and the Lapis Ore.

east lapis
East Lapis is a lush and green area.

2. Quests

You can meet and interact with various characters in East Lapis, who will give you quests and rewards.

Significantly, some quests are related to the main story, while others are optional and side stories.

Some of the quests are:

Find The Weaver’s Cottage

This is a quest given by the weaver, who lives in a cottage near a large tree and a well.

Further, she will ask you to find some rare fabrics for her, such as the Golden Fleece, the Silk Cloth, and the Lapis Fabric.

find weavers cottage
Find the weaver’s cottage

Help The Farmers

This is a quest given by the farmers who live on various farms around East Lapis.

They will ask you to help them with various tasks.

Generally, you may harvest crops, feed animals, and defend their farms from the Shroud creatures.

Explore The Ancient Ruins

This is a quest given by the archaeologist, who lives in a tent near the Lapis Tower.

Further, he will ask you to explore the ancient ruins scattered around East Lapis and find clues about the history and secrets of the Shroud.

3. Secrets

You can discover and unlock secrets in East Lapis, such as hidden chests, passages, and easter eggs.

Some of the secrets are:

The Lapis Dragon

You can find the secret boss and fight in a hidden cave in the northeast part of East Lapis.

Further, it is a mighty and majestic dragon that guards a treasure of Lapis Ore and other rare items.

east sword
Find the secret boss and fight in a hidden cave.

The Lapis Sword

This is a secret weapon you can find and wield in a secret chamber in the Lapis Tower.

However, it is a legendary sword with a blue blade, a golden hilt, and a unique ability to create energy shockwaves.

The Lapis Easter Egg

This is a secret easter egg you can find and interact with in a secret room in the weaver’s cottage.

Generally, it is a reference to the Lapis x Labyrinth, which is another game developed by the same studio as Enshrouded.

Significantly, it has a pixel art style and a chibi character design.

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