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How To Craft Laboratory In Enshrouded?

The Laboratory Enshrouded is a facility where players can conduct research, and crafting activities.

It serves as a hub for scientific exploration and discovery within the game world to enhance your skill.

To craft a Laboratory, you must complete all the Alchemist Quest, including the last quest, “Collect All The Scientific Instruments.”

Hence, once you complete the before tasks of the quest, you will be gathering the resources required for the Laboratory.

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Overview On Laboratory Quest In Enshrouded

Laboratory Quests in Enshrouded introduce players to the world of scientific inquiry and experimentation.

It refers to the list of quests given by an Alchemist named Balthazar where you must craft a laboratory.

Laboratory Quest
Completing the Alchemist quest will allow you to craft the Laboratory in the Enshrouded.

This quest is the last part of the list of quests where you must collect all the Scientific Instruments to craft.

Hence, crafting Laboratory is a part of the quest; you must complete all the quests to reach this part.

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Where To Find Laboratory Quest In Enshrouded?

To reach the Laboratory Quest in Enshrouded, firstly you need to unlock the Alchemist named Balthazar.

Balthazar is one of the five unlockable Craftspeople in Enshrouded who helps you make the most of your Mana.

Ancient Vault Alchemist
Location of the Ancient Vault where you must head to find the Baltazar the Alchemist.

Further, unlocking the Alchemist requires the completion of the Powerful Alchemy mission of Ancient Spire in the Springlands.

In addition, reach the Ancient Vauld, and after waking him, use the Summoning Staff to place him in your base.

Ways To Craft Laboratory In Enshrouded

Once you unlock the Alchemist, you will be automatically assigned to the list of quests that he gives.

After completing all the quests, you can craft the Laboratory through the Alchemist.

Further, here are all the things that can be crafted through Alchemist including Laboratory.

  • Mortar
  • Alchemy Station
  • Laboratory
Balthazar Enshrouded alchemist
You can obtain the quest by sheltering Balthazar, the alchemist, in your base.

Hence, now you need to complete all the quests and you will be able to craft the Laboratory.

Follow these steps to complete all the quests and craft Laboratory in Enshrouded.

1. An Eternal Spell Quest

This is the first quest in the list of 5 quests and is a survivor quest where you need to deal with the Internal Spell.

Make sure to carry a pickaxe before heading to this quest; carrying two is better for any other outcomes.

2. The Alchemist’s Rumor

The Alchemist’s Rumors is also a survivor quest in Enshrouded that’s given to you by the Alchemist.

It involves tracking down a group of Scavengers that have set up an encampment near the Ancient Vault.

3. The Alchemist’s Mortar

Alchemist Mortar is a quest where you need to find Balthazar’s old research tower in a Shrouded area.

Hence, head toward the Queen’s tomb and search in the area for the Old Research Tower.

4. Carpentry Assistance

Carpentry Assistance is a primary quest in Enshrouded that unlocks the Carpenter survivor in the game.

The Carpenter is hidden in an Ancient Vault to the east of your first base. Hence go and find him at the location.

5. A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist

This is also a primary quest given by the alchemist where you must retrieve the Black Cauldron and the ability to craft.

Hence, you need to find the Cauldron to the alchemist and he will let you craft it for your personal use.

6. Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory

The final and most interesting part of the quest is finding all the scientific instructions to craft a Laboratory.

You need to find scientific instruments found in the research tower and retrieve them from the alchemist.

Alchemist’s Crafting Abilities

Balthazar the Alchemist can create a host of supplies that you’ll want to stock up on such as Health and Mana Potions.

You’ll also be able to pick up several important resources from him such as Goo and Shroud Cores.

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