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Enshrouded Joining Game Failed: Possible Troubleshoot

Players are complaining that while joining the game in Enshrouded, it gives a “failed” error, which needs to be fixed. 

It means that they cannot create or join a multiplayer game because the game’s servers are overloaded or unstable.

Moreover, it is necessary that server errors might be the primary cause, in which case the troubleshooting process would need to be followed.

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Reason For Failed Joining A Game Erorr In Enshrouded 

Players who are trying to join the game online have been mostly facing MiniDump errors and these errors cause crashes in the game. 

This seems like a problem from the developer’s side, and they have acknowledged the problem is in the server. 

A user facing miniDump error
A user facing a miniDump error while trying to join the game.

Other possible causes of this error are given below:

1. Password Encryption Compatibility

One potential cause for the “failed to join a game” issue could be related to password encryption compatibility.

Enshrouded might have specific requirements for password formats or encryption methods that need to be fixed.

When the criteria are not met, it results in failed attempts to join a password-protected server.

2. Dedicated Server Configuration

The dedicated server’s configuration might play a crucial role in this dilemma.

Incorrect server settings, especially those related to password protection, could prevent successful game joining.

3. Game Version Discrepancies

A mismatch in-game versions between the dedicated server and the clients attempting to join could be a potential cause.

Ensuring that both the dedicated server and the game clients are running the same version is crucial for a seamless gaming experience.

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Fixes and Troubleshoot For Enshrouded Joining Game Failed

Developers are constantly fixing the bugs and updating the newer versions of games so gamers need to quit the game and update it. 

Moreover, developers have even pushed a live hotfix that helps fix the errors while playing the game. 

To fix those errors, it will require quick troubleshooting procedures, which are: 

1. Check The Computer Drivers Update

Even after the update, if you face similar issues then you need to check your computer driver’s update, the problem might be from the user. 

However, it is common for the new games like enshrouded to face the bugs in the initial phase of their release. 

2. Lower In-Game Graphics

If you already have some high-capacity PCs, then this might not be a problem for you to fix. 

However, if you are struggling with a good laptop and lower storage capacity try lowering the graphics in the game to avoid lagging. 

3. Submit The Bug Report

As mentioned earlier, the game is in the initial phase of the release so submitting the problems and bugs will help the entire gaming community. 

To submit queries related to the bug, you need to visit the official website of  Enshrouded which has the necessary information about the game.   

Other Crashing Errors Faced By Players In Enshrouded

Just by having access to the early access players are facing various errors in the game. Some of the errors are down below: 

1. Players Not Finding Compatible Graphic

For the people who had issues with finding compatible graphics, they need to update the graphics card drivers.

This issue could be caused by using outdated graphics drivers because developers often use optimized graphic cards for testing. 

Game keeps loading
The game keeps loading while trying to join a multiplayer.

2. Crashing While Trying To Join Multiplayer

Playing in open open-world survival experience is part of the game, but some players are having trouble getting in the game. 

To avoid getting this error, you should invite your friend by right-clicking your friend’s name and clicking on Join Now.

What Is New In Enshrouded? 

Enshrouded’s early access has been released and people are creating a buzz about this game.

Despite catching numerous bugs while playing a game, developers stay positive about it and will fix it according to the feedback.  

Its early access was released on the 24th of January, it is a game of survival, crafting, and action. 

Although it is a multiplayer game, it can also be played solo and offline, which is not recommended. Rather, playing it with friends makes it fun.

You can get early access to this game in Stem and GeForce. 

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