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Diablo 4 Drums Of The Vault Not Working: Is It Bugged?

In Diablo 4, many players complain that the Drums Of The Vault Quest are not working when interacting with Brazier.

Moreover, most of them are seeking a possible solution to fix it.

To fix the Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault not working issue, players can apply the official method suggested by the Diablo Community Manager.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Drums Of The Vault not working issue and possible solutions.

What Is Diablo 4 Drums Of The Vault?

Drums of The Vault is a quest achievable during season three of Diablo 4.

Moreover, this quest introduces players to the Vault, a new type of dungeon added in Season 3.

Players can also complete this quest at an early stage of the game.

Moreover, this quest involves finding and activating four drums in the Gatehall.

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Is Drums Of The Vault Quest Bugged?

The Drums of the Vault quest in Diablo 4 Season 3 has been experiencing some issues while interacting with the Seneschal Brazier.

Additionally, many players are dealing with this annoying bug that affects their gameplay.

Players must upgrade their Companion using the Brazier in the Gatehall during the Drums of the Vault quest.

Unable to complete the Drums of the Vault Quest
Unable to complete the Drums of the Vault Quest due to the existing bug.

However, players cannot engage with the Brazier in any way, hindering their progression and causing frustration in the game.

Many players have mentioned this bug on various social media platforms and gaming forums and are asking for a solution.

Furthermore, the official Community Manager on Diablo, Marcus Kretz, has also confirmed this bug.

Likewise, Blizzard has implemented some temporary solutions while a permanent fix is in the development process.

How To Fix The Drums Of The Vault Not Working?

Players can apply various steps to resolve this frustrating bug in the game until the official fix is released.

They can apply both methods suggested by the game developers and the players to solve this issue. 

Following are some of the main steps that the Diablo Community Manager and other gamers have recommended:

1. Enter A New Instance

Players can utilize the temporary fix methods developers provide until the developer releases the permanent solution.

To fix it, players must enter a new instance. You need to travel to the Gatehall hub using a teleport spell.

Besides, players should not use a town portal as it won’t work.

Marcus Kretz, Community Manager on Diablo, has officially posted
Marcus Kretz, Community Manager on Diablo, has officially posted about the bugs and temporary solutions.

After completing these steps, players should log out of the game again, log back in, and return to the Gatehall.

Lastly, players must exit through the door back to the hub.

Upon completing these steps, the game should place players in a new instance where the Brazier is interactable.

2. Avoid Playing In Local Co-op

Many players have also shared their methods for fixing this frustrating issue in the game.

There are reports that playing in local co-op might increase the chance of encountering this bug.

So, they must avoid playing the Drums of the Vault quest in local co-op on consoles.

Some players bypassed the bug using specific teleports like fast travel points or joining another player’s game.

These fixed methods are only temporary and suggested methods by players and developers.

Blizzard’s official solution will likely come in a future patch, so players must wait until then if the above methods don’t work.

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