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How To Craft The Smithing Tools In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players are curious about how to craft the smithing tools after unlocking the Blacksmith.

When you summon the Blacksmith in your base, you must complete small quests to retrieve items for crafting his workshops.

The Blacksmith needs a forge, smithing tools, and a smelter as his crafting equipment to craft tools in the game.

Hence, smithing tools are crucial in creating various items ranging from weapons and armour to tools and resources.

Continue reading to learn more about how to craft smithing tools and their importance in Enshrouded.

Blacksmith And The Smithing Tools In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, players must go on adventures and craft structures to progress in the game.

Furthermore, players must also get valuable tools for crafting, fighting, building, etc in Enshrouded.

One of the best ways of getting your hands on a bunch of advanced tools is with the help of the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith uses a set of essential tools known as the smithing tools for crafting various weapons and armor in the game.

Blacksmith in Enshrouded
The blacksmith is one of the craftspeople in Enshrouded who uses a forge, smithing tools, and a smelter to craft weapons and armor.

Furthermore, the Blacksmith, Oswald Anders is an unlockable craftsperson in Enshrouded.

Oswald Anders is proficient in crafting and upgrading armour, weapons, and various equipment.

Hence, the blacksmith can be a valuable ally to help you with a consistent supply of valuable tools in the game.

Unlock The Blacksmith For Smithing Tools 

Smithing tools are a set of essential instruments for crafting high-quality armour, weapons, and tools.

It is one of the workshops you can craft with certain recipes from the Blacksmith.

However, to utilize the smithing tools you must unlock the Blacksmith in Enshrouded.

You can unlock the Blacksmith when you complete the Find the Sleeping Survivor quest.

To unlock the Blacksmith, you must go to the Blacksmith’s ancient vault, which is located northwest of the base.

Unlock the Blacksmith in Enshrouded
Complete the Find the Sleeping Survivor quest to unlock the Blacksmith and summon him into your base in Enshrouded.

Once you’ve found the Ancient Vault, you must explore the area around it until you locate the Blacksmith.

You will spot him in a pod sleeping so interact with it to Awaken The Survivor.

Next, use the summoning staff to summon the blacksmith directly to your base.

How To Craft The Smithing Tools In Enshrouded?

The Blacksmith is essential for the creation and utilization of Smithing Tools.

Furthermore, he extends crafting recipes and enhances the quality of crafted items.

When you unlock the Blacksmith, he will have a range of workshops for you.

Similarly, you can craft these workshops after you complete the task to retrieve items for them.

The workshops of the Blacksmith that you can craft in the game are as follows:

  • Charcoal Kiln
  • Forge
  • Crucible
  • Smelter
  • Smithing Tools

Hence, the smithing tools are one of the Blacksmith’s workshops that are useful for crafting any Smithy’s tools.

To craft the Smithing tools in Enshrouded, you must gather recipe items like 5 wood logs and 3 steel.

Once you gather material and craft the smithing tools, the blacksmith will easily craft essential gears and equipment for you.

He can upgrade your weapons and give you new buffs with strong armor by utilizing a forge, smithing tools, and a smelter.

Earn Smithing Tools As A Reward

When you unlock the Blacksmith, you will get special missions and quests.

Furthermore, the quest from the Blacksmith is generally marked by hammer and pliers symbols.

After you complete the quest from the Blacksmith, you will earn the smithing tools as your reward.

The Blacksmith will give you a variety of quests like Clear The Elixir Well, Forge a Weapon, Glider, Grappling Hook, etc.

The other quests from Blacksmith are The Ancient Spires, Crucible Needed For a Smelter, Reach the Capital, and The Blacksmith’s Request.

When you complete The Blacksmith’s Request quest in Enshrouded, you will get smithing tools and 150 xp as your reward.

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