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Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded: Location And Uses

Lapis Lazuli is an important material in Enshrouded, with several applications in creating recipes for various things.

It is also a mining resource found in the Kindlewastes, notably along the biome’s northern boundary.

Therefore, crafting liquid as well as armor makes lapis lazuli a versatile material in Enshrouded.

Continue reading to learn about Lapis Lazuli, its uses, and how to get it.

Introduction To Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded

In the game Enshrouded, Lapis Lazuli is one of the important and useful resources.

You can utilize Lapis Lazuli in various crafting processes, including armor, accessories, and decorations.

In Enshrouded, it is considered a 4-hit ore when mined and is found quite regularly as an overworld mining source in the Kindlewastes.

lapis lazuli enshrouded
Utilize the blue Lapis Lazuli in Enshrouded

Lapis Lazuli is a rare resource that can be found in the game’s final biomes, along with iron ore and sulfur.

What Are The Uses Of Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded?

Lapis Lazuli is utilized in crafting recipes for various goods like armor, accessories, and decorations.

You can use Lapis Lazuli to produce the following items:

1. Ritualistic Battle Mage Robe

Renowned battle magicians in the past wore this customary garment.

It increases wand damage by 6% while providing physical and magical resistance.

2. Warlock Gloves

These gloves provide physical and magical resistance, a 12% boost in wand damage.

Therefore, these gloves also increase by 9% of damage against undead opponents.

3. Sage Armor Set

This armor set contains Sage Gloves, which cost 10 Lapis Lazuli to make.

These gloves offer physical and magical resistance, cut revive time by one second, and boost healing by 24%.

4. Shroud Liquid

You can make this item by mixing Lapis Lazuli with charcoal and wood acid.

It includes cleaned Shroud Liquid, which increases the user’s resistance

Also, it extends the remaining time in the Shroud after ingestion by two minutes.

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How To Get Lapis Lazuli In Enshrouded?

Here are various methods for finding Lapis Lazuli in the game:

  1. Kindlewaste: Lapis Lazuli can be found in the Kindlewastes, particularly around the biome’s northern boundary.
  2. Mining: Lapis Lazuli is considered a 4-hit ore when mined, and is found quite regularly as an overworld mining source in the Kindlewastes.
  3. Mining Farms: Some players have built Mining farms in the game, which may be found in intensive battle zones or regions with many Lapis Lazuli.
  4. Quests: Completing tasks in the game may bring you to locations where you can find Lapis Lazuli, either as a prize or as a resource to mine.
  5. Trading: You can attempt Trading with other players in the game to get Lapis Lazuli.
lapis lazuli
You can find Lapis Lazuli on the surface of the Kindlewaste Biome.

Remember that the availability of Lapis Lazuli may continue to change based on game updates.

To locate the most recent ways to earn Lapis Lazuli, you must keep up with the game’s newest information and community conversations.

Lapiz Lazuli As Mining Resource

When mined, lapis lazuli yields four hits, a common overworld mining supply in the Kindlewastes.

As it is one of the important Resources, utilizing it properly can help you Progress In Enshrouded.

You can craft Lapis Lazuli into numerous goods or sell to other players for in-game cash.

Mining Lapis lazuli can be easy and fun because it is commonly available in the boundaries of the Kindlewaste.

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