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Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire In Enshrouded

In the vast world of Enshrouded, there’s a place named the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire indicated on the map.

The Nomad Highlands are an expanse of land located in the heart of Enshrouded filled with valuable resources.

To explore this location, right on the map, you can see an indication symbol of Ancient Spire named Nomad Highlands.

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What Is Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire?

Nomad Highlands refers to a location where you need to navigate to complete the quest of obtaining Taning Station.

However, Ancient Spire are the resources that provide fast travel locations that you can use to explore Embervale.

Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire
Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire is a location in the Enshrouded.

Nomad Highlands is included in the list, as you can navigate to the location through the Ancient Spire.

This location is designed with a castle-like structure and the whole path from the inside is filled with traps.

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Nomad Highlands Location In Enshrouded

The Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire can be found on the eastern side of the map in Enshrouded.

It is symbolized similarly as all the Ancient Spires are symbolized with a yellow mark and cross in the middle.

So, you can your your teleporting skills using your map to teleport at the Ancient Spire of Nomad Highlands.

After reaching, ensure preparedness, as the entire place teems with traps, and take precautions to avoid electric volts.

You can find the Nomad Highlands on the eastern part of the map.

How To Reach Nomad Highlands In Enshrouded?

You must visit Nomad Highlands to complete the “obtain the tanning station from Lupa’s Lair” quest.

Moreover, this place is very dangerous, as you will find something that could harm you at every step. 

Therefore, follow these steps before and after navigating to the Nomad Highlands in Enshrouded.

1. Prepare For The Adventure

Before setting out, it’s important to make sure you’re ready for the journey ahead toward the location.

Similarly, carrying enough health potions, armor, and weapons will come in handy along the journey.

2. Navigate World Map

In Enshrouded, the world map is your guide to navigating the vast landscape through teleportation skills.

Look for the Nomad Highlands icon, typically located in the eastern region of the map.

3. Arrive At The Nomad Highlands

After navigating through teleportation and overcoming obstacles, you’ll eventually arrive at the Nomad Highlands.

As you enter this breathtaking region, take a moment to look around and understand your surroundings.

4. Watch Out For Hazards

The Nomad Highlands are one of the most dangerous regions in the game throughout the Ancient Spire.

Once you start your journey, make sure to watch out through every step and path for hidden traps.

5. Break The Lamps

In the Nomad Highlands location, you’ll encounter many closed doors that you must open to reach your destination.

Therefore, look for a lamp-like structure placed at the walls as destroying them is the key to the doors.

Lamps In Normad Highlands
Lamp like structure that is a key which allows you to access other rooms through doors.

How To Fast Travel In Enshrouded?

Rather than mounting or walking for exploration of the world in Enshrouded, you can use teleportation for fast travel.

All you need to do is craft Flame alter using 5 stones in your craft station at your base.

When you have placed these Flame Altars, you will be able to travel through them to any location.

To navigate to the location, simply open the map and press ‘R‘.

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