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Enshrouded Staff Ammo: How To Get Spell Charges?

Surviving against enemies in Enshrouded is much easier when players wield the Staff Ammo.

Moreover, players can loot the Staff Ammo from around Embervale as it can be found within chests and crates.

Players can get the enshrouded staff ammo through crafting, which becomes accessible once players add the Alchemist NPC to their base.

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What Is Staff Ammo In Enshrouded?

The Enshrouded features various weapons, playstyles, and ammo, which can enhance the gameplay experience.

A diverse range of weapons and ammo can provide a variety of challenges and opportunities for players to explore the game.

Moreover, it allows players to tailor their characters to their preferred combat strategies or preferences.

Players can craft Spell Charges visiting the Alchemist NPC
Players visiting Alchemist NPC to craft the Staff ammo.

However, in Enshrouded, spells are considered as the staff and Spell Charges as the ammunition i.e. staff ammo.

Staffs require the use of Mana and Spell Charges as they are the source of the player’s magical spells in Enshrouded.

However, Staff ammo is essential if players want to attack with a staff in Enshrouded.

When equipped, the Staff ammo can be seamlessly utilized through an action bar or the dedicated ranged combat button.

However, Mana is the spell-casting resource, which players must fill up if they intend to cast spells in battle.

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Spell Charges In Enshrouded: How To Obtain It?

In Enshrouded, each staff has a different type of Charge which can crafted or strategically collected during gameplay.

Staff Charges will unlock after finding specific resources, such as Fireball II, which deals 85 damage.

Spell charges like Ice Bolt, Fireball, and Heal Channel become available for crafting with the right materials.
Spell charges like Ice Bolt, Fireball, and Heal Channel become available for crafting with the right materials.

However, Enshrouded uses a unique mana and ammo system which will limit how many cast players spell in the game.

Upon crafting Staff Charges in Enshrouded, players are required to give more effort to locate some of the materials.

Players need to gather the crafting ingredients to craft the staff charges which are mentioned below.

  • Aureolin Flower
  • Resin
  • Shroud Liquid
  • Water
  • Bones

Here are some of the possible ways that players can follow to get the Spell Charges in Enshrouded.

1. Find The Chest

Upon exploring other various locations in the realm of Embervale, players will bump into the rare chests.

There is more possibility to find these chests while navigating the Ancient Vaults.

However, must have a Grappling Hook and a Glider, items which they can craft before venturing onto these quests to access the chest.

2. Find The Survivor Alchemist

Players must find the Alchemist who crafts powerful staffs and will teach them magic-related recipes.

With these recipes, players can use their newly acquired ammo, though, players will be able to craft more types of ammo for their Spells.

How To Use Staff Ammo Charges In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players need a certain amount of Mana to use the Staff Ammo Charges and cast spells.

However, to obtain the mana navigate to the Character menu bar.

Upon clicking the “All attribute” tab on the screen, players will be able to see the amount of available Mana for them.

Enshrouded Mana, the resources for Spell casting
Enshrouded Mana, the resources for Spell casting.

Moreover, to use the Staff Ammo Charges in the Enshrouded, players must follow certain guidelines.

  1. Players must equip a staff as their ranged weapon.
  2. After equipping it, they need to place the Spell Charges into the quick slot.
  3. Select the spell charge from the slot which is essential according to the situation.
  4. Hold the ranged weapon and cast the charge.

Players can find various Staff Ammo Charges at different locations one of which is the southwest portion of the map.

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