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Warhammer Preview: All LVO Reveals For 2024

The Warhammer LVO “Las Vegas Open” is the grand Warhammer preview event for 2024.

Players can see the latest previews and join tournament action online if they missed registering for the Las Vegas Open 2024.

The Warhammer LVO 2024 event is currently happening and will last for four days, concluding on January 21. In the recent preview, you can see a new Kroot hunting pack, Solar Auxilia, Kill Team moving into a world of Nightmares and many more.

Continue reading to learn more about the Warhammer LVO “Las Vegas Open” 2024 event.

An Overview Of Warhammer LVO 2024

Warhammer LVO 2024 is a massive preview event featuring the latest reveals for your favorite Warhammer games.

This event is currently running in Las Vegas, NV which started yesterday and will last for four days, concluding on January 21.

Players can watch the Warhammer Preview Online on the Warhammer Community website or the Warhammer TV YouTube channel.

Las Vegas Open 2024 a massive preview event
Las Vegas Open 2024 is a massive preview event.

Players can also watch the best worldwide players competing with each other in different Warhammer games in this event.

Hence, players must follow the live coverage of the event tournaments on the Warhammer TV Twitch channel.

The best players worldwide compete in various Warhammer games, such as Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team.

Further, players can use the hashtags #LVO2024 and #WarhammerPreview to join the conversation.

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Warhammer LVO 2024: Preview Reveals

In Warhammer this year new models, rules, books, and many more new updates are coming.

Here are some of the latest reveals that were made during the LVO preview event for Warhammer.

1. Kill Team 

LVO 2024 preview, Kill Team moves into a world of Nightmares.

However, this season of Kill Team starts with the space hulk Gallowdark crashing into the world of Bheta-Decima.

Subsequently, players will encounter the battle between the Space Marine Scouts and Aeldari Aspect Warriors.

The packed box of Kill Teams contains the Nemesis Claw warband of the Night Lords and a coven of Drukhari Mandrakes.

2. New Kroot

A new Kroot hunting pack has been revealed in the LVO 2024 preview event.

Players in this epic army set will get Krootox cavalry, new Shaper variants, and updated Carnivores.

Moreover, they have their dedicated Detachment in the new Codex: T’au Empire.

T’au Empire, original auxiliary melee specialists has come back with new miniatures.

3. The Croneseer And Dawnbringers Book V

Age of Sigmar is getting a new Dawnbringers Book, a creepy new character, and a few more heroes.

Moreover, Krethusa the Croneseer is getting her release box and several Daughters of Khaine units. 

In Dawnbringers: Book V – Shadow of the Crone, players can read about Krethusa’s scattered visions of the future.

4. Solar Auxilia

Solar Auxilia, solid mortal troops are coming to a battlefield this year with an extensive new plastic kit.

Moreover, the Solar Auxilia Battle Group army box consists of highly skilled infantry, armored tanks, and mobile scouting support.

Further, players can combine available 10-man Solar Auxilia las rifle sections into a single larger unit of 20.

5. Zondara’s Gravebreakers

For Warhammer Underworlds, Zondara’s Gravebreakers will be released at the end of the year.

Nighthaunt Clash With Lumineth In New Age Of Sigmar Warcry Set
Nighthaunt Clash With Lumineth In New Age Of Sigmar Warcry Set.

However, in this quest, Zondara now brings an entourage of undead horrors and can also draw on the untamed power of Ferlain to send her enemies packing.

The Bottom Line

The Las Vegas Open 2024 Warhammer event, features the latest previews, tournaments, and many more.

Players can follow the event online on the Warhammer Community website, the Twitch channel, and social media platforms.

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