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Wow Anniversary Event Guide To Defeat World Bosses

In the WoW’s anniversary event, you will have the opportunity to face the world bosses.

The world bosses are formidable enemies, so you can earn valuable rewards if you defeat them within the event.

You can defeat the world bosses during the Wow anniversary event and earn time-warped badges, mounts, high-level gears, gift packages, etc. To earn these special rewards, you must meet Chromie and complete all the quests she gives.

Continue reading about the WoW anniversary event and its quest to defeat the world bosses and receive unique rewards.

What Is The Wow Anniversary Event?

World of Warcraft (Wow) celebrates its 19th birthday with a special anniversary event.

Furthermore, you can participate in this event from November 17 to December 7th, 2023.

During the anniversary event, you will encounter old-world bosses like Doomwalker, Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, etc.

Besides, you also must defeat world bosses like Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar, and Ysondre to claim rewards and item upgrades.

wow anniversary event
World of Warcraft (WoW) celebrates its 19th birthday with a special anniversary event.

You also have to defeat the four Nightmare Dragons when you encounter them on the lands of Azeroth.

However, to defeat these old-world bosses, you will need to find their location, so take a look below:

  • Doomwalker: Find Doomwalker at the entrance to the Caves of Time in Tanaris.
  • Lord Kazzak: You will find Lord Kazzak in the Blasted Lands.
  • Azuregos: You will find Azuregos in Azshara .
  • Emeriss: Go to the Darkwoods to locate Emeriss.
  • Lethon: You can find Lethon at Hinterlands.
  • Taerar: You will find Taerar in Ashenvale.
  • Ysondre: You will find Ysondre, the dragon in Feralas.
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The Wow Anniversary Event Guide

The Wow’s Anniversary event is to celebrate nineteen years of Azeroth, so you can expect attractive rewards from this event.

The most exciting part of this event is you will start receiving rewards just after you log in to the Wow’s 19th Anniversary event.

Furthermore, you will get a new pet, Lil Frostwing, as your reward for logging in during the anniversary event.

After you log in, you will also get a Gift package, so check your mail to claim it.

lil frostwing
You will get a new pet, Lil Frostwing, as your reward for logging in during the anniversary event.

After claiming the anniversary gift package, you will earn 200 time-warped badges, invitation letters, and celebration packages.

In addition, the invitation letter is from the Timewalkers, which will start a quest called A Timely Invitation.

So to complete the A Timely Invitation quest, you must go to the Caverns of Time to meet a character called Chromie.

Quests To Defeat World Bosses In Wow’s Anniversary Event

Chromie will give you two quests: Soldiers Of Time and Doomwalking Has Come Knocking.

Furthermore, the objective of the Soldiers Of Time quest is for you to earn 500 honors in Korrak’s revenge.

chromie quest
Chromie will give you two quests.

If you complete the Soldiers Of Time quest, you will get the mark of honor and time-warped badges.

Moreover, the Doomwalking Has Come Knocking quest aims to defeat the world boss Doomwalker in Tanaris.

1. Defeat The Doom Walker

When you defeat the Doomwalker, you will get an Azure Worldchiller mount, similar to the Deathwing mount.

Note that you will only get Azure Worldchiller mount until the end of the anniversary event.

So to get this mount, you can go into the portal room, where you can portal into the Caverns of Time.

At the land of the Cavern of Times, you will encounter DoomWalker, so you must kill him.

DEFEAT doomwalker
You will get Azure Worldchiller when you defeat Doomwalker.

Furthermore, you can kill this world boss either by yourself or by collaborating with a circle of groups.

After you kill him, you will automatically get the mount and complete the quest.

Hence, you will get 150 time-warped badges as you complete the Doomwalking has Come Knocking quest.

2. Complete Quests In Historian Ju’Pa To Earn Timwarped Badges

You can earn time-warped badges by completing different quests in Historian Ju’Pa.

Moreover, you will get one daily quest in Historian Ju’Pa called A Time to Reflect.

In this daily quest, you must answer Ju’pas’s questions about the history of Azeroth to receive five time-warped badges.

3. Complete The Originals Quest

The next quest in Historian Ju’pa is known as The Originals.

In this quest, you must defeat all the world bosses like lord Kazzak, Azuregos and the dragon of Nightmare.

Hence, when you complete The Original Quest, you will receive 150 time-warped badges.

The Bottom Line

The World of Warcraft (WoW) Anniversary event is a fun experience to celebrate 19 years of Azeroth.

Furthermore, this event will give you special rewards, so make sure you collect them before December 7, 2023.

Hence, you will again get the chance to defeat the world bosses, which will be a fascinating part of the game.

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