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How To Get Wooden Bucket In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, wooden bucket is among various items that you can craft and helps you survive in the game.

Wooden Bucket is one of the essential items you will need in the world of Enshrouded, which allows you to collect and store water.

However, to get the wooden bucket, you will need to craft it on the workbench with the given recipe that you need to collect.

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What Is Wooden Bucket In Enshrouded?

The wooden bucket is a simple container made of wood and metal.

You can use it to collect water from natural sources, such as rivers, lakes, or rain.

You can also use it to transport water from one place to another or to fill other containers, such as bottles or barrels.

Wooden Bucket
Wooden Bucket in Enshrouded.

The wooden bucket is one of the first items you can craft in Enshrouded, and it is very useful for your survival.

However, water is a vital resource in the game, as you will need it to drink, cook, grow crops, and craft potions.

Water is very important for survival in the world of Enshrouded since without water, you will quickly dehydrate and die.

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How To Craft The Wooden Bucket In Enshrouded?

To craft the wooden bucket, you will need the following materials:

  • 2x Wood Planks
  • 1x Metal Sheets
  • 1x Charcoal

You can obtain wood by chopping down trees with an axe, or by breaking wooden crates or barrels.

You can obtain metal sheets and charcoal by crafting them from mineral ores, which you can find by harvesting rocks.

To craft the wooden bucket, you will need to use the Carpenter’s workbench, which is one of the workshops you can build in your base.

The Carpenter is one of the five unlockable craftspeople in Enshrouded, who can help you create various furniture and items.

Interact with Carpenter to craft a Wooden Bucket.

You can rescue the Carpenter by completing the Carpentry Assistance quest, which is given by the Alchemist.

You can find the Carpenter’s Ancient Vault in the eastern part of the Springlands.

Once you have the Carpenter in your base, you can use the Summoning Staff to place him in a sheltered area.

Then, you can interact with him to access his catalog of recipes and craft the wooden bucket.

Wooden Bucket Uses In Enshrouded

The wooden bucket has many uses in Enshrouded, such as:

1. Collecting Water

You can use a wooden bucket to collect water from natural sources, such as rivers, lakes, or rain.

To do this, you need to equip the wooden bucket in your hot bar and use it near a water source.

Furthermore, you will see a prompt to fill the bucket with water.

Similarly, you can also empty the bucket by using it again near a water source.

2. Building Water Well

You can use the wooden bucket to build your water well in your base, which is a renewable source of water that you can access anytime.

To build the water well, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 20x linen
  • 100x stone
  • 1x wooden bucket

You can get linen from flax, which you can farm in your base or find in the wild.

Similarly, you can get stone by mining it from rocks or looting it from containers.

To build the water well, simply interact with the Carpenter and select the water well from the crafting menu.

Once the water well is built, you can place it anywhere in your base and use it to collect water with your wooden bucket.

The water well will let you collect water more frequently and it will also increase the comfort level of your base.

Water Well
Build a Water Well using a wooden bucket.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade the water well by using the recipes such as:

  • 20x Linen
  • 100x Sandstone
  • 1x Wooden Bucket
  • 2x Iron Bars

The improved Water Well is more stronger and durable than the normal Water Well in the game.

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