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Enshrouded: Blacksmith Needs A Shop Quest Guide

In Enshrouded, the Blacksmith Needs A Shop is a quest where the Blacksmith is the initial crafting expert you encounter on your journey.

Players need to make a shop for the Blacksmith to unlock more crafting abilities.

Besides, you only need to gather specific items and do some construction work on your own.

Continue reading to learn about the ‘Blacksmith Needs A Shop’ quest in Enshrouded.

How To Unlock Blacksmith In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, a blacksmith is a character who specializes in crafting and forging various items, tools, and equipment.

Further, he plays a crucial role in providing players with essential tools and weapons for survival and game progression.

Blacksmith's Character Details
Players can interact with the blacksmith to obtain crafted items.

To unlock the Blacksmith, embark on the “Find the Sleeping Survivor” quest at the beginning of the game.

After discovering him, use the Summoning Staff to bring him to your base.

Ensure he has proper shelter; once the shelter requirement is met, the Blacksmith becomes accessible.

Similarly, progress through the game’s tutorial until you receive a quest instructing you to build a shop for the Blacksmith.

Further, players must follow the quest guidelines to construct a suitable shop for the Blacksmith to move into.

Upon completing this task, the Blacksmith will be fully unlocked, and you can interact with him to obtain crafted items.

The entire process involves quest progression, shelter provision, and construction efforts.

Moreover, these elements collectively facilitate the Blacksmith’s integration into your Enshrouded base.

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 Blacksmith Needs A Shop Quest In Enshrouded

Start by interacting with the Blacksmith, who will provide you with several side quests.

As you progress and clear your first Elixir Well, he will assign you the task of building a shop, marking the quest’s beginning.

Here are the steps to complete the Blacksmith Needs A Shop quest:

1. Craft The Construction Hammer

Head to the Manual Crafting menu and create the Construction Hammer using just 1x Stone.

Moreover, this tool is crucial for the building process of the shop for Blacksmith.

2. Gather Required Materials

Secondly, players must collect enough Stone and Plant Fiber as crafting material.

Players should utilize the Workbench to craft Rough Stone Blocks and Plant Fiber Roof Blocks.

Furthermore, this ensures you have at least one Wooden Door ready for construction.

3. Build Foundations And Walls

After collecting the required materials, equip the Construction Hammer, then enter Building Mode, and select the 4M category.

Similarly, place at least four foundation blocks on the ground, encircling them with walls.

However, players must keep one side open for a door frame.

4. Add Roofs To The Structure

Players must access the building menu and locate the 4M Roofs category to accomplish this step.

Roofs Category In Enshrouded.
Adjust the roof’s orientation to enclose the structure properly and effectively.

Within this category, they should choose the outer roof corner option, which is typically the second one from the left.

Following this selection, players need to strategically place the chosen roofs above the walls of their constructed structure.

The positioning should be done precisely to ensure that the roofs effectively enclose the building.

5. Install The Door

In this step, take the Wooden Door you crafted and position it on the specific wall where you’ve created a door frame.

Further, this action is crucial as it establishes a functional entrance, ensuring that the Blacksmith’s shop is accessible and well-structured.

6. Summon The Blacksmith

After installing the door, you must activate the Summoning Staff to teleport the Blacksmith into the building you’ve just constructed.

Enshrouded Blacksmith Shop
Use Summoning Staff to teleport Blacksmith into the shop for crafting and services.

Furthermore, this step is crucial for the Blacksmith to consider his shop in Enshrouded.

7. Complete The Quest

Once you’ve used the Summoning to bring the Blacksmith into the building you’ve constructed, the quest reaches a successful conclusion.

At this point, the Blacksmith considers the enclosed space as his designated shop within the world of Enshrouded.

Lastly, the Blacksmith is now ready to provide his crafting services from the comfort of his newly established shop.

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