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Enshrouded Yucca Fruit: What To Eat To Boost Your Stamina?

In Enshrouded, the Yucca Fruit is a consumable item that turns extremely delicious when cooked and restores stamina.

It is utilized in various recipes to produce foods with varied effects, such as health restoration, stamina recharge, and other benefits.

Moreover, players can get the Yucca Fruit by cutting down Palm Trees in the Kindlewastes biome.

Continue reading to learn about Yucca fruit, how to obtain it, and its alternatives.

What Is Yucca Fruit In Enshrouded?

Yucca is a plant found in the desert biome of Enshrouded; its fruit may be gathered by chopping down the trees in the region.

Similarly, consuming Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded offers various advantages.

desert yucca
Explore and find yucca in the desert biome.

When cooked, Grilled Yucca Fruit becomes very delicious, causes the mouth to swim, and restores stamina.

It is an excellent way to swiftly recover much-lost stamina, making it an ideal dish for when you need a huge stamina boost.

Further, Yucca Fruit is also utilized in the Fruit Bowl dish, which provides +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice when you believe you are about to die and need to flee quickly.

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How To Obtain Yucca Fruit In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, there are various methods to harvest Yucca Fruit.

  1. Harvesting: Cut down palm trees in the Kindlewastes biome to get Yucca Fruit.
  2. Trading: To get Yucca Fruit, you can trade with other players or NPCs.
  3. Crafting: You may manufacture meals utilizing Yucca Fruit, such as Grilled Yucca Fruit, which boosts a significant stamina of +20 Stamina Recharge.

Yucca Fruit is an important resource in Enshrouded since it can be used in various recipes.

It offers stamina recharge, health restoration, and other benefits.

Moreover, the Yucca fruit may be used to make the following dishes:

  1. Grilled Yucca Fruit provides a significant stamina boost of +20 Stamina Recharge.
  2. Fruit Bowl grants +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge.
  3. Chamomile Tea Grants +5 health regeneration and +2 stamina recharge, lasting 35 minutes.

Other Foods To Eat To Boost Your Stamina In Enshrouded

Aside from Yucca Fruit, numerous meals in Enshrouded can aid enhance stamina.

Some of these foods which boost the stamina are:

1. Chamomile Tea

Drinking the Chamomile tea gives you +5 health regeneration and +2 endurance for 35 minutes.

Recipe of alternative foods.

To make Chamomile Tea, you will need a Farmer and a Fireplace.

Once you have these ingredients, you may make the meal by blending Chamomile and Water.

2. Meat Wrap

This meal offers +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence for 45 minutes.

You can combine red mushrooms, water, raw sand digger meat, and flour at any cooking station.

3. Water

Similarly, consuming water offers +1 Endurance and +2 Stamina Recharge for 10 minutes.

Players can find water in wells, either those found worldwide or by creating your well.

4. Hazelnuts

Similarly, players can utilize hazelnuts to increase strength.

Hazelnuts thrive on hazelnut plants in the region and harvest them by interacting with the plants.

5. Mushroom Omelettes

The Mushroom Omelettes food can improve intelligence by 4.

Further, you can craft Mushroom Omelettes by combining Red Mushrooms and Eggs.

6. Sage Leaves

Likewise, players can utilize Sage leaves to enhance Spirit in the game.

You can find Sage plants in the Nomad Highlands biome.

Therefore, you can collect Sage Leaves by interacting with the plants.

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