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WWE 2k24 Brass Knuckles And Supine Position

In WWE 2k24, Brass Knuckles are equipment you can equip to knock down your opponent with a single punch.

Moreover, Brass Knuckles can be equipped for any superstar or wrestler of your choice.

However, using Brass Knuckles is banned in WWE, so if the referee sees you using it, you will be disqualified.

Read more to understand what Brass Knuckles is, how to equip it, and how to use it in a match.

WWE 2k24 Brass Knuckles And Supine Position: Not Allowed?

Brass Knuckles is wrestling equipment your superstar will wear in between the middle and base knuckles.

It is basically used to knock your opponent down and finish the match with only one punch.

wwe 2k24 brass knuckles
After hitting the move, your opponent will be stunned and knocked out for over 10 seconds.

Moreover, this payback is called Power of the Punch in the WWE 2k edition.

However, using this equipment can result in being Disqualified from the match and losing the match, so make sure that the ref doesn’t see it.

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How To Equip Brass Knuckles In WWE 2k24?

You can equip Brass Knuckles with only a few clicks on your settings.

Moreover, you can also add paybacks to the superstars who don’t have any equipment for them.

To equip Brass Knuckles in WWE 2k24 follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Main Menu.

2. Go To Options.

3. Find the section for Roster and click on it.

4. Click on Edit Superstar.

5. On the Superstar menu, under Payback, if the superstar already has Power of the Punch, they can use Brass Knuckles.

6. However, if they don’t, simply go to the superstar edit menu.

7. Scroll down until you find the Payback option.

8. Equip Power of the Punch and Save.

How To Use Brass Knuckles And Supine Position In WWE 2k24?

If you too have the quest to grapple somebody in Supine Position and you don’t know what that is, you are not alone.

To grapple an opponent in a Supine position, the opponent has to be lying face upwards, and press Circle or your assigned button to grapple.

Moreover, using brass knuckles in WWE 2k24 can be quite tricky, read the steps below to know how you can perform the move:

  • You will have to fill the blue bar with 2 points which is shown on the bottom of your superstar menu in-game.
  • You have to deal tons of damage to your opponent to fill those up.
  • After you have dealt enough damage your signature move bar is filled with 2 bars.
  • Press R2+Triangle on your PS5 controller to use the move.
  • However, your opponent needs to be feet up and standing in front of you in order to perform this move.
  • Animation of your superstar wearing the brass knuckles and punching the opponent will stop your movement in the game.
Brass Knuckles Equip
Scott Hall readying his brass knuckle move Power of the Punch.

Be extremely careful while using this move as it can get you disqualified, and potentially, end up losing the match.

However, you can blind-eye the referee by causing some distractions or knocking the ref down before using the move.

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