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Why Is The Epic Games Friends List Not Working?

Many players are experiencing the Epic Games friends list not working, as their entire friend list is not showing up.

This friend list not working issue prevents players from connecting with each other to play games, which can be very annoying.

You can fix the Epic Games friends list not working issue by updating your operating system other than Windows 10 or 11, enabling friend requests in your privacy settings, restarting and updating Epic Games Launcher, turning off the Firewall program, etc.

Continue reading to learn more about why the Epic Games friends list is not working and how to fix it.

Why Is The Epic Games Friends List Not Working?

Players cannot invite their friends as they cannot see them in the Epic Games Launcher.

Furthermore, the friends list is empty even though your Xbox account is linked to your Epic game account.

Entire friendlist not showing up
Not working of the Epic Games Friends list prevents players from connecting with each other.

Sometimes, when you open the friends list, it also gives an error message showing unable to find friends list.

While there is no exact reason for this issue, it can be due to the following reasons.

1. Windows 10 or 11: If you are playing on your PC and have Windows 10 or 11, epic game’s friends list will not work.

2. Privacy Settings: You can not view your friend list and send or receive invites from your friends if you have tight privacy settings.

3. Bugs: The Bugs can cause your epic games not to function correctly, which may be the cause for your friends list not appearing.

4. Firewall: Strong firewalls restrict Epic Games from functioning smoothly as they block its features and its connection.

5. Server Issues: Sometimes, Epic Games faces server-related problems, which can cause your friend list to disappear.

6. Faulty Session: Your epic games launcher may go through faulty sessions that disrupt its features to let players connect.

7. Poor Internet Connection: You need a stable and reliable Internet connection for your epic games to function smoothly.

8. 500 Request Limit: You cannot send or get invites if your account already has 500 or more pending friend requests.

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How To Fix Epic Games Friends List Not Working?

Players can not connect with each other even from different platforms and join their friends on Steam.

In addition, this is a real issue, and Epic Games is trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

epic games
Players can not connect with each other from different platforms and join their friends on Steam.

However, you may be facing this issue for different reasons, so here are some solutions that may help you.

1. Update Your Operating System: If you are using Windows 10 or 11, update your operating system with a different version of Windows on your PC.

2. Enable Friend Requests: Go to your Epic Games Account Setting and open the privacy setting to enable friend requests and your activity status.

3. Update Epic Games Launcher: You must update your Epic Games Launcher and Games Client to prevent bugs and glitches.

4. Disable Firewall Program: You must turn off your Firewall program and relaunch the Epic games to check whether the friends list starts working.

5. Check Server Downtimes: You can visit the official website of Epic Games and check if they have any official announcements on server maintenance.

6. Restart Epic Games Launcher: Go to your task manager to perform the end task on Epic Games, and then restart your Epic Games launcher

7. Stabilize Your Internet Connection: Refresh your internet connection by restarting your router and then check if the friends are showing up in your friend’s list.

8. Enable Auto-Decline Mode: You can delete all the pending requests by enabling auto-decline mode for your friend list.

Hence, this will help you to avoid issues relating to sending or receiving invites in your Epic Games account.

How To Fix The Epic Games Log-in Not Working?

Many Players are also running into an error code when logging in to their Epic Games Account.

Therefore, here are some solutions for the issues that may be causing log-in errors.

  1. If you are facing login-related issues where you end up in an Epic Games log-in loop, then clear the browser’s cache data.
  2. Furthermore, you can also log in to Epic Games by opening the log-in page in the browser’s incognito window.
  3. If you face Epic Games Launcher log-in issues on Windows, clear the Launcher’s cache and reinstall it.
  4. Besides, you can temporarily disable VPN or proxy servers and check if the issue is resolved.
  5. Avoid any third-party log-ins to your Epic Games Account.
  6. Next, sign in with the Epic games option instead of the console option while logging in to your account.
  7. Do not log in to the console account directly, as it may not be linked to your Epic games.

The Bottom Line

The ability to crossplay and connect with friends is a huge feature that keeps the players invested in Epic games.

However, it is undoubtedly frustrating when you can not even see your friends and invite them to a match.

Hence, you can use these methods and check if your Friends list is not working issue resolves.

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